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Thoroughbred for sale - Alaskan Crown

Alaskan Crown

Alaskan Crown


Alaskan Crown

Foaled: March 29, 2001
16.1 hh and growing
Sweet temperament



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Horse for sale - Alaskan Crown







Alaskan Crown - horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Thoroughbred for sale - Alaskan Crown

Gray Thoroughbred filly for sale

Alaskan Crown - Throuroughbred horse for sale
Alaskan Crown

Crown is the female version of Joe Bear. She is extremely elegant and sensible. Crown has just turned three and she is already over 16 hands and shows no sign of stopping. Her rump is currently higher than her withers but check back next week to see what has grown! She was born chestnut and has now turned a beautiful shade of gray with dapples.

Crown has been sacked out with flowers, silk palm trees and blankets. She will stand in place as her body is tapped on with all kinds of objects.
If she is not sure of something she will stop and take a look before moving on. She has not shown any desire to spook and run. Crown gets along well with Firefly our little baby warmblood.

If you have been searching for a dappled gray horse for sale then Crown might just be for you. She is young, unraced, sensible and beautiful. She is an investment quality horse at an affordable price. Get her quick before her price goes up with training.

Current Training

  • Currently going quietly under saddle in the arena - walk trot and canter.
  • She is not spooked jumps in the arena.
  • She is very quiet under saddle and can be ridden with a loose rein.
  • Crown is ridden in a snaffle bit.
  • She is very mature for a young horse.
  • Crown is still trying to figure out what do to with those big long beautiful legs. Canter work is still hard for her.
  • She should mature close to 17 hands.


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