Queen's Rowdy Lad

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Rowdy and Kelly coup
Kelly and Queen's Rowdy Lad schooling for stadium jumping phase.
  • Foaled in 1995
  • 16 hh
  • Thoroughbred
  • Gelding
  • Sound
  • Sane
  • Athletic

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Rowdy and Kelly gate

Rowdy & Kelly fan jump


Queen's Rowdy Lad is quiet on the trails and has fox hunted. His dressage lessons are building his topline and helping him to become well balanced. Rowdy is willing and kind, with a good mind. Rowdy is a character and wants to be someone's special horse. He is always looking for attention.

We discovered on our last visit to his breeder/trainer that he was imprinted after birth. That is why he will follow you like a dog. Rowdy is our "lawn boy". He regularly mows the front lawn which is not fenced in. He comes when you call and will follow you all around the yard. Rowdy likes to play with the dogs.

See the photos from Dean's last visit. Darrith Russell enjoyed her dressage lesson with Megan Fischer aboard Queen's Rowdy Lad.


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Training when sold the first time.

  • Moving quietly under saddle in the arena.
  • Rowdy is enjoying his dressage lessons and is turning into a very good mover. He is learning to bend and be light on the bit
  • Quiet and willing on the trails. Crosses water and jumps natural obstacles including drop fences
  • Jumping in the arena over two foot fences and coops
  • He is ridden in a snaffle bit.
  • Rowdy has been fox hunted.


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