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Secret Page One- SOLD!

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Secret and Alex at the Olympic Horse Park in Atlanta, GA
Secret and Alex - September 2004. Alex learned to ride on Secret this summer.

Secret - Thoroughbred for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm
Secret - September 2004. It is going to be hard to keep this pair in the ring after our gallop on the steeplechase track. Read about it in our past news stories.

Secret - August 2004
Secret - September 2004


Secret - SOLD!

Foaled: 2000
16.0 hh and growing
Sweet temperament

Secret - August 2004
Secret - August 2004





Secret - Horse for Sale

Secret and Kevin


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Secret - unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale
Secret is very well balanced and has the best canter. - September 2004

Secret - unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale

Secret - SOLD!

Secret is the grandson of Seattle Slew and the half brother of Fame. Read about Fame on our "success stories" page. He has the same wonderful personality as Fame. He follows us around the pasture and comes when you call him by name. Elizabeth has laid across his back in the pasture with no halter or lead on him. Calm, cool and collected and just four years old!

We use Secret for husbands and beginners to learn on. He has a calm way about him that does not scare them. He has a wonderful collected canter and does not try to take off even when cantering out in the open with other horses. He has started to fill out even though he is only four. We have been told he looks like a Dutch Warmblood. He certainly has big bones for a race horse. He has the movement and the mind for dressage. He is also a steady jumper who sights on the fence and jumps it confidently. He is only started over low fences, log jumps and x-rails due to his age. He willing jumps all fences in and out of the arena.

Secret has big bone and will mature to look like Sir Cahill. He has now started to fill out. He was pastured most of his life in Kentucky with a brief period of race training. Secret never raced. His trainer who got ownership of Secret to settle an account. Secret is very well bred. Famous family members besides Seattle Slew include: Northern Dancer, Bold Reasoning, Boldnesian, Hail to Reason, Bold Ruler, Round Table, Nasrullah, Miss Disco, My Babu, Natalma, In Reality, Native Dancer.

Current Training

  • Currently going quietly under saddle in the arena and on the trails - walk trot and canter.
  • He is not spooked jumps in the arena or logs in the woods.
  • He will jump two foot fences including barrels and brush boxes with flowers.
  • He will walk through water and likes to play in it.
  • He is very quiet under saddle and has a lovely collected canter.
  • He is ridden in a snaffle bit.
  • He is very laid back and steady.
  • We teach new riders on him -- he is that quiet.
  • Secret would make a great fox hunter. He has been on several hunter paces/poker rides and does not get excited by galloping with a large group. Other horses do not get him upset when galloping by.


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