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Horses for sale -  Grey gelding

Smokey- Thoroughbreds for sale

Thoroughbreds for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Smokey is the prettiest grey I have ever seen!

Five years old
15.3 hh
Sweet temperament


Horses for sale - Smokey

Smokey - Thoroughbreds for sale

Smokey at Bits & Bytes Farm

Smokey has dressage potential

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Got Um Smoke Um- SOLD!

Smokey was born on April 5, 1998 in Illinois. He has had a successful racing career (four wins in 2002) but is not fast enough to keep racing. He had a caring trainer who wanted to see him go to a good home rather then be run into the ground racing. Smokey has a sweet dispostion and is very snuggley. He will make the perfect horse for a young lady. As far as greys go, they do not get any prettier than this gentleman.

Current Training

  • Currently going quietly under saddle in the arena - walk trot and canter and jumping x-rails.
  • Smokey is totally quiet on the trails and has no problem crossing water.
  • He is not spooked by bulldozers or large grading equipment or jumps in the arena.
  • He is very quiet under saddle and has a lovely collected canter.
  • He is ridden in a snaffle bit.


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