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UPDATE - June 12

Dean Graham - Advanced 3-Day event rider from New Zealand is at the farm this weekend, June 15-17.

Hello Bits & Bytes Farm followers. Just an update on two of our star horses - Roary and Snake Proof.

Roary is doing great. He is getting training with Imtiaz Anees (Sidney Olympics - Individual 3-Day). Boy, can he make that horse move! Imtiaz comes to our farm every Wednesday to train us and the horses. Imtiaz has taken a special interest in Roary and thinks that he has great potential. See some photos from his schooling. If anyone is interested in training with Imtiaz Anees at our farm let us know. Stop by and watch him ride Roary or one of the other horses.

Snake Proof has been out to his first combined training event. Look for Snake to be competing next weekend at Flat Creek. Good Luck Snake Proof.

Barry and I rode French Made and Snake Proof at her Kudzu clinic last week. We had a great time -- the horses and riders both progressed tremendously with their training.


Snake Proof

Imtiaz Anees at Bits & Bytes Farm

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