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UPDATE - June 17

Dean Graham - Advanced 3-Day event rider from New Zealand was at Bits & Bytes Farm this weekend, June 14-16, 2002. He was joined by dressage instructor Megan Fischer.

Hello Bits & Bytes Farm followers.

This weekend was a busy one at Bits & Bytes Farm. We had Dean Graham and Megan Fischer schooling horses and teaching lessons. It is amazing how quickly a horse can progress with their help.

Dean worked with Irish, Roary, Jesse and French Made. Megan schooled Roary, Snake Proof and Big Money. We took advantage of them being here to have them work Snake Proof with Megan doing dressage and jumping with Dean.

We all enjoyed good food and company Friday and Saturday evening with Imtiaz Anees and his beautiful wife Masume battling the Atlanta traffic to join us on Friday evening. A great big thank you to all our friends who came to cheer on the horses and riders!

Barry had Big Money looking good in both dressage and jumping.

Big Money and Barry

Irish made major mental breakthroughs with Dean and got down to work. He started out lazy and resistant and finished like a polished campaigner jumping three feet six inch fences with pleasure.

Irish on Friday ___ Irish on Sunday

_____Irish Before ________________Irish After

Several students trailered in to work with both Dean and Megan. Comments overheard include:
"This is the best lesson I have ever had."
"I didn't know my horse could jump that well."
"Yippee. When is Dean coming back?"




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