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Lylle and Robyn
Lylle (pronounced Lee A) is bold and confident.
This photo is from her fourth time being ridden since racing.

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The date for another Combined Training Jumping Clinic is

July 19, 2003
at Bits & Bytes Farm.




DELTA has a new Lower Price! Ready to show. Priced to go! Delta needs an aggressive rider who is not afraid to jump BIG!


Trey owned by Mandy Collins of Alpharetta, GA.
Welcome to our newest boarder - Trey. Trey is an appendix owned by Mandy Collins of Alpharetta, GA. Read about boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm on our boarding page.











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If you already have a horse and are looking for a place to board, visit our Boarding Page and our Amenities Page for photos and more information. See also photos of the farm and our horses for sale.

Our newest horse from Florida has arrived!

Lylle (pronounced Lee A) is bold and confident and already jumping scary fences without a glance. She jumped x-rails her first day at the farm and then went out on the trails for an hour long trail ride that included riding through a sub-division with flapping flags and landscape trucks with trailers driving by. Even crossing the stream did not stop the brave Lylle. Bomb proof is the best way to describe this girl. Look for her own page of photos soon.

Lylle at Bits  & Bytes Farm
Lylle is ready to be tried at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Other Newz

We have a new trailer! We were able to find the perfect trailer for us. It is a 4-Star, four horse head to head trailer with a five foot dressing room. The divider between the stalls comes out and turns 90 degrees to divide the trailer into three large box stalls. We are pleased with this configuration option as it will allow much more comfort for our horses on long trips. Most thoroughbreds off-the-track are used to being hauled in either a head to head or box stall option in the trailer. We have both side and rear ramps making the trailer very inviting to all horses.

4-Star trailer at Bits & Bytes Farm
The 60 inch wide side ramp plus a rear ramp makes loading a breeze.
The stainless steel doors will work as mirrors at shows!

Inside of trailer
The four stalls can be reconfigured into three box stalls.

Call or come by for a visit

Please call us to discuss which horse might be the best match for you based on riding skill, experience and equine personality. We do not send out videos because it is important to match the personality of the horse with the personality of the rider. We are matchmakers, not horse brokers. We have horses in a wide price range. Call us to discuss prices or to schedule an appointment. We'd love to have you come meet all of our horses--we know that it will be worth your time. Just bring peppermints!

Early morning at Bits & Bytes Farm
Early morning at Bits & Bytes Farm. Lylle looks on as Barry brings in her friends for breakfast.

Calder Race Course
The first horse from our trip to Florida has arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm.

4-Star trailer for thoroughbreds at Bits & Bytes Farm



Snake Proof

Irish & Roary


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