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July 19, 2004

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Fort Mason checks out the cell phone

Lise is in the telecommunications business and Fort Mason is just checking to see that her phone is on so he can call her.





Two Thumb Up and mom Marie

Two Thumbs Up and new mom Marie van Roekel.








Fort Mason takes the first jump

Fort Mason takes the first jump with Lise. Brewster and Barry line up next.


Brewster and Barry take the fence too.

Brewster and Barry take the fence, too.


Lucky and Elizabeth jump the bank steps

Lucky and Elizabeth jump the bank steps up. Lucky loved the x-country fences. - photo by Marie van Roekel.


Marie and Secret take the bank steps up.

Marie and Secret take the bank steps up.


MacTavish canters away after jumping the steps.

MacTavish (Te Conquistar) and Leighton canter away after jumping the steps also.


Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm - Darrith Russell

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm - Darrith Russell

July 22, 2004
CONGRATULATIONS to Bits & Bytes Farm's newest trainer Elisa Wallace on her first place finish at Champagne Run last weekend.



Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.


Fort Mason has been adopted by his favorite "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm" -Lise Matt! Fort Mason is a very special horse and a "true rescue" that Elizabeth adopted from New Vocations. He has been with us for four years and will continue to stay at our farm. Fort Mason will always have a home here and now he has two special moms - Elizabeth and Lise. Congratulations Lise.

Fort Mason and mom Lise Matt
Fort Mason with Barry, Alex and Lise.

Marie van Roekel's husband Gertjan has really caught the riding bug (see the Backback Challenge page). So, when Marie could not get enough ride time on Big Money she purchased her own special horse - Two Thumbs Up. He looks a lot like Big Money and he is almost 17 hands. Big enough for them both to ride - if Marie will let Gertjan on him! Congratulations Marie.

Two Thumbs Up and mom Marie
Two Thumbs Up and mom Marie.

Elizabeth found Two Thumbs up when she picked up Joe Kelly's Tune. The two horses shared the same trainer. Both horses came in with dapples all over them - a sure sign of a well cared for horse. Thumbs was going to go up on the Prospect Horses' page but Marie grabbed him first. Smart move Marie. This boy is a beauty and a bargain as she bought him directly from his trainer.

If you are working with a limited budget and have the skills to train a horse off-the-track please give us a call. We can help you find your special horse.

Seven TBs from Bits & Bytes Farm attended the Shakerag Poker Ride

Fortified with pastries from Henris Bakery (provided by Marie and Gertjan), we loaded seven horses onto two trailers and headed for hunt country early Saturday morning. What a beautiful morning with just a brief shower before the sun came out.

Bits & Byte Farm Thoroughbreds at the Poker Run
Fort Mason, MacTavish, Joe Bear, Secret, Big Money and Brewster. - photographer's tripod services by Lucky.

We were greeted at the Shakerag Hounds Clubhouse by old friends from Shamrock Hounds - Anne Holdgrafer and Guido Deutschler, "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm - Darrith Russell and many current members of the Shakerag Hounds hunt club including organizers Jean and Sandra Carnet. Fox hunting offers that wonderful feeling of friendship that crosses all boundaries of distance and time. Surrounded by friends we set off on horseback in search of the best poker hand and a few good jumps.

Big Money takes the big coop.
Gertjan and Big Money take the big coop.

Big Money and Lucky really enjoyed the jumping the coops and the steps. At one point, we had all seven horses galloping across a huge hay field. Some of the riders experienced their first taste of galloping a race horse. The horse drops down and flattens out of a canter and into a gallop. All the horses slowed down when asked and it made for an exhilarating ride. Gertjan, Leighton and Lise are still grinning. These kind of events help us to prepare the horses for sale and to let us know how they will act out of the arena and in a group. All our horses passed the test with flying colors. Yahoo! Let's go again.

Fort Mason, Secret, Brewster, Joe Bear and MacTavish
Fort Mason, Secret, Brewster, Joe Bear and MacTavish

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