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Liz Heiden at Bits & Bytes Farm

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September 7, 2003


Liz Heiden thoroughly enjoyed the
GDCTA Kudzu Klinic she worked so hard
to organize at Bits & Bytes Farm.


We've been shopping . . . stay tuned to this page for photos. Sneak a peek below.


Bits & Bytes Farm is located just 45 minutes North of downtown Atlanta in the heart of Georgia's horse county in Cherokee County.

Liz Heiden at Bits & Bytes Farm
We are thinking of having another caption contest with this photo.

Liz's GDCTA friends should be able to come up with something good.

From someone close to Liz we get these possible captions:

  1. Oh ****! What am I doing on a horse?
  2. I didn't know this horse could jump.
  3. Help! What do I do now?
  4. If I pull on these reins harder will she go down?
  5. Why didn't she do this in stadium?


Kudzu Klinic
Great form!


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Kudzu Klinic at Bits & Bytes Farm

Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association (GDCTA) Kudzu Klinic was held at our farm on September 6th. We had a full arena and a full parking lot with all of our GDCTA visitors. A good time was had by all. More on this later this week.

Mandy & Trey
Bits & Bytes Farm boarder Mandy Collins and her horse Trey participated in the Kudzu Klinic along with several other Pony Club members.

Pony Club member at the Kudzu Klinic

Update on the Kudzu Klinic . . .

The summer weather finally gave us a break on September 6th. It was a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid 80's and a nice breeze.

It was a full house at the Kudzu Klinic that was sponsored by the Georgia Dressage Combined Training Association and held at Bits & Bytes Farm. The parking lot was packed with trailers and a pasture had to be used for extra parking.

Kudzu Klinic

We worked with organizers to have the fences be designed and set up as a competition course. It allowed some riders and horses to jump a full stadium course for the first time, while others tested their skills over triple combinations, skinny's and a intimidating chevron. Our main objective was to keep each horse in the arena "moving" at all times and to have the riders think out-of-the-box and go a step above their comfort level when it came to jumping solid looking fences.

Straightness, rhythm and balance was not overlooked and it became clear to everyone that a forward horse doesn't mean a fast horse, but rather a horse that has "impulsion" and "thrust" from the hind quarters. We really appreciated how the riders worked so hard and went away with better plans and skills needed to properly jump fences.

It was a wonderful day for the horses and riders, with lovely weather, and good food. We were fortunate to also have Elizabeth Wood take the time to give a lecture on getting Thoroughbreds off-the-track during the lunch break. That was an added bonus.

Poney Club members at the Kudzu Klinic

Irish of Bits & Bytes Farm
Irish of Bits & Bytes Farm with Paula jumping the three foot chevron.

New bay boy at Bits & Bytes Farm
We've been shopping . . . we have two new horses at the farm. Don't wait too long to call if you are interested. We already have appointments lined up for these beautiful bay boyz.

A sincere "Thank You" goes out to Liz Heiden and Mary Andrews of the GDCTA who organized the event; to Bits & Bytes Farm who hosted the clinic on their lovely farm; and to all the auditors and riders who made for a successful day.

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New thorooughbred for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Snake Proof

Irish & Roary


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