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October 19, 2004

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Elisa Wallace finished first a the Fork Stables Horse Trials in the Open Prelimary Division.

to Elisa Wallace on her first place finish at the Fork Stables Horse Trials - Open Prelimary Division.

I heard rumors that they only won because because her groom Leighton did such a good job.

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Swell Bell at the Shakerag Hunter Pace

Former Bits & Bytes Farm horse Swell Bell (now known as Sweet William) was also at the hunter pace enjoying the day. He's lookin' good.



Darcy cam and Angel

The Darcy cam catches Angel jumping up the bank.


Brew This (Brewster) and Barry

Brew This (Brewster) and Barry take a break at the hunter pace.


Wiseguy's Out did tripod duty as Elizabeth took photos of the group.

Wiseguy's Out did tripod duty as Elizabeth took photos of the group.


Wiseguy's Out

Wiseguy's Out did fantastic for his very first outing away from Bits & Bytes Farm farm.


Amy and Courtney - fans of our Web site.

We had our own mini fan club come up and say hello at the hunter pace. Amy and Courtney stopped long enough to say hello and meet our horses before galloping on to victory and the blue ribbon in their division. Congratulations ladies! Thanks for stopping by.



Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


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Ace's Angel with Paula up take the log fence.
Ace's Angel with Paula up take the log fence at the Shakerag Hounds Hunter Pace.

Shakerag Hounds Hunter Pace - page 1 of 2

We had a great weekend at the beautiful Shakerag Hounds clubhouse and hunt country. It was their annual fall hunter pace and Bits & Bytes Farm arrived with three trailers full of horses ready to enjoy the brisk fall weather.

Gertjan and Big Money
Gertjan and Big Money

Refreshment stop at the Shakerag Hounds Hunter Pace.
Photo by Marie Van Roekel

We brought Darcy, Brewster, Ace's Angel, Wiseguy's Out, Mactavish, Big Money and Hoopla. It was Wiseguy's first trip away from the farm since arriving in September. He thoroughly was a wonderful ride and did the tripod duties without issue as Elizabeth took lots of photos. Marie on Darcy captured Elizabeth and Wiseguy's and other views of certain jumps.

Bits & Bytes Farm horses.
Another day, another bay. Former Bits & Bytes Farm horses from left to right: Mactavish (Te Conquistar), Big Money and current horses Brew This (Brewster), Wiseguy's Out, and Ace's Angel.

The hunter pace gave us a chance to school the horses over cross-country fences and see how they would behave with other horses galloping by. We had one more lesson. There was a loose cow just on the other side of a gate we had to pass through. Wiseguy's Out was leading the group and walked right past the cow without a second glance. The other horses all followed with some taking a few steps away but all of them not letting a loose cow bother them. We were so proud of our horses. Click here to see more photos.

Cow training
From left to right: Angel, Mactavish and Brewster. See the cow behind Angel.

Angel and Paula at the double banks up.
Angel and Paula at the double banks up.

Click here to go to page two and see more photos of Bits & Bytes Farm's off-the track Thoroughbred horses for sale at the Shakerag Hunter Pace.

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