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October 31, 2004

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Two new prospect horses listed for under $3000! - October 20, 2004

The children of Bits & Bytes Farm

The Friends Bits & Bytes Farm oufitted several children for Trick or Treating on Halloween night. Of course we had to have our own jockey represented with Saratoga Racetrack colors.




Kramer as Count Dogula

Kramer as Count Dogula.





Fall comes to Bits & Bytes Farm

Fall comes to Bits & Bytes Farm courtesy of the van Roekels.

Lylle and Meg

Lylle and Meg

Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm


Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm on the Web. Take a virtual tour of the farm and see the beautiful thoroughbreds we have for sale. Follow their training and learn how we bring them from racetrack to a new career in the show ring, fox hunting or eventing.

Happy Halloween from Bits & Bytes Farm!

GrayBOO is getting into the Halloween mood. His stall is decorated with a BOO tombstone and a BOO ghost.


Grayboo likes to play
with his ghost.

Grayboo and the ghost.
Grayboo and the ghost.

Grayboo demands attention all the time. He knocks his ghost and makes it fly to get your attention.

Our watch dogs Wizard and Zulu caught a witch sneaking
into the the barn.

The good Knight stands guard
behind the dobermans.

Wizard and Zulu catch a witch

Bits & Bytes Farm Web Sighting
Bits & Bytes Farm Web Sighting


An Update on Some Former Bits & Bytes Farm Horses . . .

or ex-race horses enjoying their new lives!

Lylle and Meg as Cheerleaders
Lylle and mom Meg won the costume class as cheerleaders.


Lylle and Meg have been earning Pony Club ratings and attending horse shows. They are bringing home the ribbons including a first place for the costume class. Lylle says she never got this dressed up when she was racing!

Amy and Smokey

Smokey & Ikon

Smokey is doing great with mom Amy. They are competing at horse shows and doing puppy walks with the Belle Meade Hounds.


Even Amy's dad Jeff is having fun competing with his horse Ikon. They enjoyed the competition
at a gymkhana.

Ikon and Jeff

Smokey is not afraid of the hounds.


Smokey is not afraid of the fox hounds. Thoroughbreds can do anything!


Baileysontherocks was a little confused by the commotion of his first show. He was jigging and looking around. Ten year old Josh made a tough decision and decided not to show him but to take the time to school him and get him used to the show grounds. Here is what his mom had to say about her very mature son along with some photos from his schooling at the show grounds:

Baileysontherocks and Joshua

We are so proud of Josh! He made a really tough decision in favor of the future, instead of immediate gratification or to save face in front of his peer group……let me tell you it was tough for him to keep hearing about the other students ribbons and answer why he didn’t show Bailey. In the end he understood maybe even better than we did . . .

Josh said, “Mom it would be easy to show on the school ponies, but not everyone could ride my Bailey.”

We are VERY pleased with Bailey, even though he Bailey was a little confused by the commotion of his first show, in the end Josh had him stretching and walking on the buckle, but it took patience and time. We figure we have plenty of time to let these two grow and develop together.

Baileysontherocks and Joshua
Baileysontherocks and Joshua

I told Josh he may not have earned an actual blue ribbon, but he earned something even better, the respect and trust of his horse. Sometimes the big wins are not the ones you walk out of the ring with, but rather what you walk away with in your heart. We will keep you posted and send you photo journal updates.
-- Kelli


Pumpkin carved by Marie van Roekel.
Pumpkin carved by Marie van Roekel.

Thanks to the van Roekels (Marie and Gertjan) it is starting to look like Fall around our farm. Our resident artist, Marie, carved the Bits & Bytes Farm logo into - not one but - two great pumpkins! They also spruced up our arena with new silk flowers and two scary scare crows.

Congratulations to Angela Jett and Hoopla! Two First Place Ribbons!

Hoopla takes home two blues to Bits & Bytes Farm!

Hoopla and mom Angela won two blue ribbons Saturday at the Lanier Equestrian Center Dressage show. Hoopla is our newest boarder from Cleveland, Ohio. He performed beautifully in the Training Level Dressage tests.

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Please call us to discuss which horse might be the best match for you based on riding skill, experience and equine personality. We do not send out videos because it is important to match the personality of the horse with the personality of the rider. We are matchmakers, not horse brokers. We have horses in a wide price range. Call us to discuss prices or to schedule an appointment. We'd love to have you come meet all of our horses--we know that it will be worth your time. Just bring peppermints!

Our watch dogs - dobermans Zulu and Wizard.

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