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Newz October 7, 2002

UPDATE - October 7, 2002

We have returned from our buying trip to Thistledown Racetrack.


Our Trip to Thistledown.

Well we are back from another horse buying trip to Thistledown Racetrack in Cleveland, Ohio.

("Don't they have horses in Georgia?" --Barry Zuber 2002.)

Thistledown is a mile long oval with barns on both sides. We spent three days- searched three farms and combed over 35 barns at the track to find the two horses we brought back. We hitched rides from one side of the track to the other any way we could.

Taxi ride
Dr. Shell's taxi service took us from one side of the track to the other. Between our many vet checks.

Horses were so hard to find that Barry wanted to get a megaphone and stand in the infield and shout out, "If they're sound, bring them `round".

Look at these horses and see if you can tell why we did NOT take them. Answers at the bottom.

Reject 1 Reject 2

Reject 3 Reject 4

Elizabeth got good at doing flex tests and lameness exams. These horses did not pass our tests.

Number 5 was a winner for us . . . no matter where he finished this race. See him at our farm. He was prospect number two if you've been watching our site.

Look for photos of the horses we did bring home at the bottom of the page. Also, see the photo of "Mickey the Mouser". Saturday was "Buy a horse, get a kitten free" day. Mickey has taken over the barn and has told off our dobermans.



  1. Club foot
  2. Bowed tendon (old and cold)
  3. Bad stifles
  4. Failed flex test



Corporate Action

Mickey the Mouser

New horse two
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