Bits & Bytes Farm


Bits & Bytes Farm has one stall available December 1, 2002. We are accepting geldings with no vices. $500. per month. Sorry, we do not do pasture board. I can't stand the thought of horses out in freezing rain and wind.

Come enjoy our facility with cross country jumps and a large arena for stadium jumping and dressage schooling.

Our feeding program includes premium Buckeye Feeds along with rice bran, beet pulp and Gro `n Win. Horses are grained three times a day and get an additional feeding of hay at 10 PM. Warm bran mashes are given at least once a week or as weather dictates. Our pastures have been seeded with Rye grass for the winter. Round bales of fescue hay are also always available to the horses while in the pasture.

Front Pasture

The horses are currently turned out during the day and blanketed at night. Blanketing is included in the board. Horses are kept inside during inclement weather.

Visit our Boarding Page and our Amenities Page for photos and more information.


Back pasture
Back pasture in the early morning.


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