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Mickey & Corporate Action
Mickey the Mouser shows off his horse to Melissa. Mickey also licks and bites Corporate Action's ears.

Mickey the Mouser had a busy weekend showing his horse Corporate Action to prospective buyers.You may remember from our last visit to Thistledown that it was, "buy a horse get a kitten free day" at the track. Mickey came home with Corporate Action and Darcy.

This weekend at Bits & Bytes Farm we had visitors from Georgia, Alabama and Virgina taking Mickey's horses for test rides. Mickey likes to sit on the horses' heads to test how quiet they are. All our horses pass the "Mickey Test". Mickey is quite the salesman. If you are interested in "his horses" you better hurry.

If you already have a horse and are looking for a place to board, go to our boarding page. See photos of the farm and our horses for sale.

Mickey Test Ride

Mickey test rides each horse to be sure they are safe for visitors to ride.

Mickey's Closeup

Snake Proof

Irish & Roary

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