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UPDATE: Camalou Farms and Bits & Bytes Farm have been working with many potential buyers to help them get their horses home to the South. If you need help scheduling a ride for your horse, please contact either farm. We have arranged for a two horse vans to bring more horses to the South. An additional trailer has be hired for horses needing a ride.










Wiseguy's Out

Wiseguy's Out wasted no time putting on the offical Bits & Bytes Farm hat. What a sweet boy he is.

Lise Matte looks on from Fort Mason who was rescued by New Vocations four years ago.


Michael Wuolukka's purchases include:

Burn's Future, Pro Suave, Taking up Space, Karakorm Tsunami

UPDATE on Northampton Fairground Thoroughbreds


Thanks to CANTER NE for making it possible
to place so many Thoroughbreds into good homes!

This is an updatefrom CANTER NE - MONDAY, 9/20/04

Good morning everyone,

Below is an updated list of which horses are sold, or which are available for adoption. We were also fortunate to partner with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) to help acquire several horses which were then donated to the TRF for rehabilitation or permanent retirement. Our thanks to Ray Roy of the TRF for his tireless efforts to help the horses at the Northampton Fair.

Horses purchased by CANTER NE - now in local CANTER-approved foster homes, and available for adoption...unless their foster moms/dads fall in love with these sweethearts first :

1. No Time Soon: A cute, Black Beauty-esque, sweet and sensible little 5-year-old stallion who is soon to become a gelding - but shhh, don't tell him that! He has an old knee injury but has been trail ridden and even jumped on the farm:

2. Leader's Choice: A tall, rangy, good-looking 4-year-old chestnut gelding. No photo of him but will be sure to get one from his foster home. Foster mom says he is WONDERFUL and has settled in beautifully--calm, sweet, easy to handle. This horse is a KNOCKOUT!!!

3. Dancing Chevron: A beautiful, gentle chestnut mare who has been both a racehorse and a mom in her career. Just look at that face!

4. Iron Clad Proof: A calm, pretty, kid-safe 6-year-old mare with big ankles but such a great attitude that they don't matter! Another one we didn't have time to get a photo of, but will share those her foster mom sends us.


NoHo-2 Mecke's Dancer
NoHo-6 Langfuhr's Allure
NoHo-8 Starez
NoHo-9 Gracias Sam
NoHo-10 Forty Licks
NoHo-12 Mean Irene
NoHo-13 Girl Gone Wild
NoHo-14 Miss Mattie Mu Mu
NoHo-15 Our Pee Jay
NoHo-20 Makeup Girl
NoHo-21 High Mount Diamond
NoHo-22 Town Meeting
NoHo-23 Zig A Little
NoHo-24 Cathedral Tower
NoHo-25 Brook by the Sea
NoHo-28 Mr. Muddy Moose
NoHo-34 Open Scent
NoHo-35 High Blast
NoHo-36 Say Now
NoHo-37 Two for Hebe
NoHo-40 Penalty Declined
NoHo-41 Deemed Worthy
NoHo-42 Crystal Conquest
NoHo-44 Patuxent Wind
NoHo-49 Mabilis Lady
NoHo-50 Plunge
NoHo-54 Smokin Devil
NoHo-56 Greg's Turk
NoHo-57 Nothing Trendy
NoHo-58 Very Eloquent
NoHo-60 Bluebyslew
NoHo-61 Keles
NoHo-63 Moscow Flite
NoHo-64 Jovial Belle
NoHo-65 Miss PGA
NoHo-66 Twenty-one kisses
NoHo-68 Plain Ole Abe
NoHo-69 Famous Minstrel
NoHo-70 Bold Caleb
NoHo-75 No Shade
NoHo-82 Fancy Flare
NoHo-84 Brian Strikes Back
NoHo-88 Persh
NoHo-89 Harry's Rainbow
NoHo-93: Fantastica
NoHo-94: Whisper for Gold
NoHo-95: Bold Shamrock
NoHo-96: Devil's Reine
NoHo-97: Wewantdagold
NoHo-98: Sahara Sands
NoHo-98: Shore Breaker
NoHo-99: Let Us Confide
NoHo-103: Pro Suave
NoHo-104: Wise Guys Out - at Bits & Bytes Farm
NoHo-105: Stand Up and Cheer
NoHo-107: Might Pass
NoHo-109: Kid Miraculous
NoHo-111: Count Quillo
NoHo-112: Big Shoulders
NoHo-113: Beyond Great
NoHo-114: Jacob's Trust
NoHo-116: Adventurous
NoHo-117: Noble and Just
NoHo-118: Little Wishes
NoHo-124: Hay Worthy
NoHo-125: Canna Belle
NoHo-127: Won to Win
NoHo-130: Miss Steppin On
NoHo-131: Takin' Up Space
NoHo-132: My Kimberlee Anne
NoHo-133: Riverside Flight
NoHo-135: Diggin on Doug

Others who bought Northampton horses, please feel free to email us so that we can update the list.

Of those who did not sell, the vast majority are going on to race at other tracks. If there was a horse that you were interested in who fits that category, and we'll see if we can track down the trainer if you can't get ahold of him or her. The very sweet and cute mare Karat Tales will also be available once she runs one more time at Finger Lakes Racetrack. 4 years old, beautiful with dapples everywhere and just so unhappy as a racehorse. She is 15.2/15.3 hands with a big round build. Call Tony Tamburino at 813-230-1581 and make an offer.

For all those who were interested in Salt Lake Express: he is still for sale and let me tell you, he is drop-dead-gorgeous and mellow as can be for a stallion. He also has a wonderful story that his owner can share with you. Call Dave at 774-229-6715 if you're interested - I think Salt Lake will be at Suffolk Downs, but not sure.

Thank you again, everyone who volunteered, who gave donations, who stepped up to foster and/or who opened their hearts to one of these horses. It was a wonderful effort!


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