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Two thoroughbreds fight to see who can get muddier in the puddle.
September 1, 2017Two Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbreds fight to roll in a mud puddle and see who can get dirtier!

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Chuck Dixon & Great Game - Thoroughbred
August 16, 2017This Bible verse spoke to my breaking heart today… Once more a horse we sold has crossed the rainbow bridge to run free in heaven. This one may have been one of the most special ones. She came into a family’s life when they needed her most.

Continue reading They Will Mount Up With Wings Like Eagles…

Avoid Heatstroke in Horses with this Heat & Humidity Chart
June 14, 2017Your horse could be at risk for heatstroke or even death if the heat and humidity added together are too high. Print out this chart to keep your horse safe this summer.

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OTTB Heather's Best with Jennifer DeGier
April 12, 2017I got this yesterday from a Bits & Bytes Farm horse buyer who purchased Heather's Best in 2007. One photo is from now and one is from 2007. Can you tell the difference? Heather's Best was a steeplechase horse before becoming an event horse for his owner Jennifer DeGier. Heather's Best ran 73 races and retired sound at 9 to Bits & Bytes Farm. He is now 21 and still jumping!

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