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Prospect Horses at the Track

"Tiz" is an unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

These Thoroughbred horses for sale are still at the track or at their owners’ farms. We usually do not have video and you are purchasing them sight unseen with a vet check.

Read the page. “Buying a Track Prospect Horse” to understand the process. If you are not comfortable buying this way, please look at the horses in training at Bits & Bytes Farm or our Resale Horses. We have horses in all price ranges. Check out our page titled Pricing Information or read our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common questions. We do not give prices by e-mail. Please call for pricing.

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“Partway” is a 2010, dappled grey, Thoroughbred filly for sale. She is up-to-date on everything, very kind and laid back on and off-the-track. She finished 7th in her one and only race. This is that pretty grey filly that everyone is looking for. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

51 Photos

“Tiz” is a 16’1+ hand, four year-old Thoroughbred gelding who has never raced. He has a ton of growing left to do and has only breezed a handful of times. He has clean legs and no vices. He would make a great competition prospect.

45 Photos

“Sage” is a drop dead gorgeous 2009, 15.1 hand bay Thoroughbred filly. She has clean legs and no vices. “Sage” would make a perfect polo pony or childrens’ hunter or a show mount for a smaller rider. She can do anything and she is perfectly put together.

23 Photos

"Chant" - a 16.1 hand, 2009, dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. He has no bad habits and he is extremely well bred with no racing injuries. He would make a great competition horse. His breeder has too many horses and needs to make room. He has been on the farm and let down and is ready to begin training to be a sport horse. PRICE REDUCED!

58 Photos

“Princessa” is a 2009, 16’1 hand chestnut filly. She is just stunning to look at - let alone watching her move.

20 Photos

“Striker” is a 2011, 16 hand (and growing) bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale. He is unraced is owned by one of my best breeder contacts. He is a very well bred horse with a sweet temperament and personality.

6 Photos

“Nona” is a 2009 16+ hand chestnut mare for sale from her breeder. She retired sound from racing last fall with clean legs and no injuries. She is currently turned out on owners farm with other mares.

11 Photos

"Mya" is a 2008, 15.3 hand Thoroughbred mare for sale directly from the race track. This super sweet girl is honest, kind and hard working. She is very laid back, loving and sound. She is a great all round horse and anyone can ride her - anyone. She has no spook and the kind of attitude that no one can resist loving. She is not marish and will do whatever you want. If you have been looking for a safe sane and sound Thoroughbred - this is your girl! She would make a great sport horse or family horse.

19 Photos

Hollywood Rib - SOLD!

"Hollywood" is a 2008 16+ hand chestnut Thoroughbred mare for sale directly from the race track. She has clean legs and believed sound for any career. Lightly raced and gorgeous! "Hollywood" could be your next show partner! SOLD!

23 Photos

Bandman - SOLD!

Bandman is a 2008, 15.3 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. He is super quiet and laid back. He has bigger, heavier bone and a big barrel that will take up some leg on a taller rider. Kind and gentle. SOLD!

27 Photos

"Katie" is a 2011, 15.3 hand gray Thoroughbred filly for sale. She is good on the ground and easy to ride on the track. They ride her in a D ring snaffle with no nose band. She does not get strong and she does not pull. She ships good and is up-to-date on everything. "Katie" is not marish.

6 Photos

"Comet" is a 2009, 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding who is still at the track. He is vice free and ready for someone to love him brush him and feed him right. He is great to ride and very laid back on the ground. He has a super ground covering, sweeping stride. SOLD by his owner to become a pony horse.

23 Photos

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