February 7, 2007

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"S Master" - 17 HANDS!
- 17 HANDS!!
"Alf" - NEW!
"Geronimo" - NEW!
"Shelby" - Loves kids
"Dr. Canhewin" - Good mover
"Phil" - Hunter Prospect!
"Tommy" - Kind & Gentle
"Stormie" - SOLD!
"Bobbi" - SOLD!

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Do you have a limited budget - not interested in jumping and want a special horse to love? Can you help a horse with an old or current injury who may or may not be sound in the future? Check our our BARGAIN BARN page. We are not a rescue group but we love all Thoroughbreds and these horses deserve a good home too. They are the horses most "At Risk" to go to slaughter. Please check them out and call us if you can offer them a good home.


Read the heart warming stories of our 25 Special horses.


Learn "How to Buy a Prospect Horse" from
Bits & Bytes Farm!

"S Master" is a 17 + hand, five year old, light bay TB horse for sale.

"S Master" is a 17 + hand, five year old, light bay OTTB horse for sale.


NEW Prospect Horse for Sale. February 3, 2006

"Admire" is a Prospect Horse for Sale.


Red D needs a home ASAP! She is very well priced.

SOLD! - Red D has a new home in Georgia! Congratulations to Amie Maddox of Jackson, GA!


"Bobbi" loves to play in the water hose when he is gets his bathes.

SOLD! - "Bobbi" - Congratulations to John Parker of Newnan, GA! "Bobbi" should make a great 3-day event prospect.




We often sell horses before they make it to the Bargain Barn page or the Prospect Horses for Sale page. If you have a limited budget CALL. We have new horses every day and we do not always get them to the Web site before they are SOLD!



Lady Gresham was SOLD! before she made it to the Web site.

Lady Gresham was SOLD! before she made it to the Web site.



Ben Helms with Thistle

Thistle needs a new home! She is FREE with her lifetime partner Eddy's Departure.



Are you afraid to buy a horse sight unseen?

We understand. We work hard to know the personalities and soundness of the Prospect Horses we sell. We take a lot of the gamble out of buying a horse directly from the track and save you time and money, too.

Read these Prospect Horse Success Stories. These horses were all purchased from a photo and a vet check.

February 7, 2007


A quick note to let you know that Whozierhurry (Kolibri) is doing well. Everyone that takes a look at this guy thinks he is very handsome!  I am using this "downtime" to give massages (which he LOVES) and put on the bridle and saddle and generally get him used to all sorts of these new things. (But it is not seeming necessary...he lets me do anything). Everyone marvels at how quiet and well behaved he is.  He makes my 6 yo warmblood from Germany look bad!!! In fact, because he is SO good, it has made me realize I have some work to do on the other horse with her ground manners!

I have been reading some of the other success stories of horses recently sold and realized these people's experiences matched my own and I wanted to
chime in to iterate that buying from you (from another country no less) was straightforward, easy, and most importantly, resulted in gettting a wonderful horse.  You and Becky have held my hand throughout everything and
I feel like I have two new friends!  I check your website regularly and am
amazed at the quality of the horses....Like I said, after reading a few of
the other success stories, I wanted to add my two cents for anyone out there
wondering if going this route is for them.  If after reading the information on your website, they feel that an OTTB might be a good partner, I would HIGHLY recommend going through you.  Whozierhurry has the looks, temperment, build and mind that I was looking for in a prospect.  I am excited to start working with him!Thank you again!  

Laura Southard
Orlando, FLA
Guadalajara, Mexico

Suzie Maewon has a new mom!

Suzie Maewon has a new mom! She was one of our
25 Special Horses for Sale
. Click here to read her Success Stories.

"S Master" is our newest Prospect Horse for Sale. February 5, 2007
"S Master" is our newest Prospect Horse for Sale. February 3, 2007

Welcome to Bits & Bytes Farm's Prospect Horses for Sale

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Bits & Bytes Farm is always keeping an eye out for good prospects at the race track. We currently have several prospect horses listed. When we have prospect horses, they will be still racing or at the trainer's farm. They are not available at our farm for viewing. They are usually still at the race track. We may purchase a prospect horse in the future and train them for resale. When we offer prospects, you must remember that they are totally green and in racing condition and usually at bargain prices.

Buying a prospect horse direct from the track through Bits & Bytes Farm can save you a significant amount of frustration and money. Be aware that we have not ridden these horses and have not been involved in their training. We have seen them trotted out and raced. We make no claims as to the suitability of these horses for any discipline. It usually takes a few months away from the track for the horse's true personality and talents to make themselves known. We visit the race tracks and our favorite trainers to find quality horses for resale. We save you the time and trouble of locating a horse and learning how to buy horses off the race track.

For more information, read about "How to Buy a Prospect Horse" from Bits & Bytes Farm.

When we list that the trainer needs a stall ASAP - that horse may be gone the same day we list it or soon there after. Please call IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in a horse that is "At Risk".

Buying a horse directly off the track is a gamble. The horse can be vetted out but you still do not know if he has the mind or talent for what you want to do. But, if you have the ability, and are willing to put in the time, one of these horses might be right for you. We will have the horse vetted to your specifications - complete with x-rays if you desire - and we will get the horse off-the-track and to our farm in Canton (Atlanta), Georgia. The vet and shipping costs are in addition to the price of the horse.

Once the horse is away from the track his price goes up. We will not sell horses directly from the trainer to inexperienced riders or to children.

Still not comfortable with the process? Read a few of our Prospect Horse Success Stories to learn more.

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Our Newest Prospects! Priced between $1,500 and $5,500
Hurry they are going FAST! Don't forget to check our BARGAIN BARN! Most BARGAIN BARN horses are around $1000 and may be FREE to a good home!

"Alf" is an eight year-old, 16.0 chestnut OTTB for Sale.


"Alf" is a ten year-old, almost 16 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. He retired sound from racing and lives on his owner's farm in Kentucky. He is clean legged and super gentle and he is kid-friendly to ride. According to his owner, anyone can ride "Alf". His owner rides him on trails and across creeks. These photos were taken last summer. He has been away from the track for awhile. He is now very fuzzy and he is used to be outside everyday. He is a grandson of Blushing Groom. His pedigree includes: Northern Dancer, Nasrullah, Hoist the Flag, Nearctic and Menow. "Alf" is sound for jumping but has the movement for dressage. Maybe he would make a great eventor! Click here for more photos.

Please call for more information. We do not give prices by e-mail.
"S Master" has been on the farm for a year so he has no muscle tone and he is wooly from being out 24/7. This is a win photo from his racing days.

"S Master" - NEW PHOTOS! February 7, 2007

"S Master" is a 17 + hand, five year old, light bay TB gelding. "S Master" is a beautiful mover with a wonderful personality. He is kind and quiet to ride and easy to handle on the ground. His current owner is an equine veterinarian who bred, raised and raced him. He has a fantastic personality. His owner/breeder says he is the kindest horse in the barn. He has good gaits and moves well. He will make an excellent dressage or eventing prospect. He is sound for jumping. Click here for more information and more photos.

"Admire" is at least 17 hands and very big boned.

"Admire" - NEW!

"Admire" is at least 17 hands and very big boned. He is eight years old and still racing. "Admire" is a a son of Marquetry who won almost $3,000,000. Click here and you'll see where "Admire" gets his color from. Marquetry is the son of Conquistador Cielo who was the 1982 Horse of the Year & 3-year-old colt. "Admire" is out of a Dixieland Band mare. If you are looking for a big and big boned horse, look no further. Click here for more photos.

Geronimo Thoroughbred horse for sale.

"Geronimo" - NEW Photos - January 31, 2007!

"Geronimo's" trainer called us and said this boy is not going to make it at the track. "Geronimo" is sticked at 16 hands 1/2 inches. He is six years old. His groom said he is the sweetest horse in the whole world to be around. He is very quiet to be around and he loves attention. He is up-to-date on everything and he has no vices. He is an easy keeper and will eat anything put in front of him. "Geronimo" is by Indian Charlie who won the Santa Anita Derby and finished third in the Kentucky Derby. He is out of a Dixieland Band mare. This boy has the pedigree but not the speed. Click here for additional photos

"Phil's" sire was a Kentucky Derby winner.

"Phil" - NEW!

Phil is a six year old bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale. He is 16.1 hands high. His sire is Kentucky Derby winner Charismatic. He is easy to work with and a "feel good" horse. Classic Thoroughbred looks on this boy. Click here for more photos. Call ASAP for more details.

Shelby is a four year old bay gelding for sale.

"Shelby" - Barn Favorite!

"Shelby" is a 4 year old bay gelding.  He is another barn favorite with an awesome "I will do anything to please you" attitude.  He has been handled by kids.  He loves to make people happy. "Shelby" stands approximately 16.1hh . Click here for more photos!

Dr. Canhewin
"Dr. Canhewin" did win a few races.

"Dr. Canhewin"

"Dr. Canhewin" is a big is a 7 year old chestnut gelding about 16.2hh. He is sweet to be around and easy to ride. He has beautiful confirmation. He looks almost similar to recent Prospect Horse for Sale - Fizzicus. His exercise rider says he floats when he gallops. He has a long smooth canter and should be great for any discipline.

"Dr. Canhewin" has a blue blood pedigree. He is a grandson of Alydar. His third generation pedigree is a who's who of racing with Raise a Native, Triple Crown winner - Secretariat, Buckpasser and Riva Ridge (two legs of the Triple Crown winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes).
Click here for more photos!

"Tommy" is an elegant and gentle, 4 years old, 16+ hand, chestnut gelding.

"Tommy" - New Photos 1-16- 07

"Tommy" is an elegant and gentle, 4 years old, 16+ hand, chestnut gelding. He was very well loved at the race track. He has great legs and no vices. He is easy to gallop and sound. His last race was December 30, 2006. His trainer has had him since he was a two year-old. He is lightly raced. "Tommy" is very well bred, he is a grandson of both Storm Cat and Mr. Livermore! This horse has class and breeding and the gentle kind attitude that goes with a well bred horse. This horse would make a great project for someone who wants to show and jump. He is an "A Flash" twin - only smaller. Click here for more photos.

"Stormie" is a five year old grandson of Foolish Pleasure.

"Stormie" - SOLD! Congratulations to Debbie Smith of Franklin, TN

"Stormie" is a five year old grandson of Foolish Pleasure. He is 16 hands and a solid bay. He is very well-mannered, kind and quiet. He has no vices, clean legs and he is up-to-date on everthing. "Stormie" is a beautiful mover. He still has some growing to do. He is an elegant and classy horse who is very athletic. He should be sound for any career. He is well priced this week as his owner needs a stall ASAP! If you missed Bounced when he was a prospect, don't miss this boy. He is your "A" show hunter prospect. Click here for more photos. Cick here to read his "Stormie's" Success Stories. SOLD!


"Bobbi" loves to play in the water hose when he is gets his bathes.
"Bobbi" loves to play in the water hose when he is gets his bathes.

"Bobbi" - SOLD! Congratulation John Parker of Newnan, GA!

"Bobbi" is a 15'3 hh gelding. He is just turning four. He is a little punk, fun loving, good feeling guy. "Bobbi" is a blast to be around. He is very well mannered in the ground, loves bathes, loves to play in the water and is a blast to ride. He is a small but very athletic package. He would make a great 3-day event horse. He loves to go to the track and will squeal and talk the whole time you ride him. He has a lot of energy but is very easy to ride. He has a beautiful way of going. Carries his head level with his poll. He loves peppermints. He is up to date on everything and is ready for a new home.In the summer is a beautiful almost bronze color. "Bobbi" is very smart and learns super easy whatever you want him do do. He has a fantastic way of going and is very comfortable. He is well mannered with the blacksmith and vet. Click here for more photos.


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