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"Stormie" has the movement for the show hunter ring.

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"Stormie" - SOLD!
Congratulations to Debbie Smith of Franklin, TN

September 6, 2007

Hey Elizabeth

Stormie is doing great. This heat has been awful! The dry weather has been brutal on feet! No one wants to ride or be ridden. We haven't done much other than walking the trails. Not too exciting but we aren't in a big hurry for anything. He is a great horse to have around! He loves his fans in this heat!

It's a slow going process for us and I'm sorry that I don't have anything exciting to report. We will send pictures soon though.

Are you expecting to host any clinics this fall? My daughter and I are trying to plan some horse weekends.

Debbie Smith

Elizabeth's Note:
You can never go too slow with the training. You will have years of enjoyment if you go slow and enjoy the training process.

"Stormie" has really warmed up to my daughter - she thinks he is the coolest horse ever!

February 15, 2007

Elizabeth, everything is fine with Stormie! His feet weres sore all over and bruised. I somewhat feel like an idiot! I knew the ground was too hard for his feet (without shoes)! He is doing fine with packing and a little bute. I hope to have him shoed the middle of the week. He is such a great sport about it and I can't help to think that we have bonded some more.

Earlier he hasn't been quite the nuzzler and is all over it. Such a nice horse and such a good boy! It's just so stinking cold to do anything! I can't wait for spring!

I will be in touch. My daughter really wants Stormie to have a paddock buddy! My Valentines gift was new fencing and barn renovations! "God love the men that take care of their horse lovers"!

Hope you had a great Valentines!

February 5, 2007

Stormie is adjusting to his new schedule very well. It's been so cold that we haven't gotten on yet. I can't wait to send pictures of him under tack. A huge "Egret" looking bird came flying right over his head today out in the paddock - I thought for sure he was going to bolt! He just simply stood there and had a stare down with it. Which makes me even more excited to get on!
He has really warmed up to my daughter - she thinks he is the coolest horse ever!


"Stormie" is happy in his new home.
"Stormie" is happy in his new home. He now gets to be a "real" horse.
"Stormie" loves getting dirty! 

"Stormie" loves getting dirty! 

February 3, 2007

"Stormie" - SOLD! Congratulations to Debbie Smith of Franklin, TN

February 3, 2007


We are finally home and getting settled in. WOW! Stormie is the best! I couldn't be happier with my choice. He really has a great sense of humor and has taken all of his new friends in very well. He wasn't quite sure how to run and stop today with his shoes off...he was very comical - loves showing off and WHAT A MOVER! He has made all the adjustments very well - including having turnout boots on. He wasn't quite sure why he had to have them on - which after all the running and jumping he did. I'm so glad I put front and back boots on!

Becky is awesome - you really are lucky to be working with such a extraordinary person. She cares about the horses so much and represents you, the trainers and the horses very well.

We will send pictures tomorrow and hopefully have a given name that fits him! Plan on getting on too!

Thank you so very much,

"Stormie" - SOLD! Congratulations to Debbie Smith of Franklin, TN

Information from Stormie's Prospect Horse for Sale page.

"Stormie" is a five year old grandson of Foolish Pleasure. He is 16 hands and a solid bay. He is very well-mannered, kind and quiet. He has no vices, clean legs and he is up-to-date on everything."Stormie" is a beautiful mover. He still has some growing to do. He is an elegant and classy horse who is very athletic. He should be sound for any career. He is well priced this week as his owner needs a stall ASAP! If you missed Bounced when he was a prospect, don't miss this boy. He is your "A" show hunter prospect. SOLD!

"Stormie" was a Prospect Horse for Sale in January 2007.
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