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Secret arrives at his new home in Aiken, SC to be with mom Marianne Pecoraro. October 6, 2004

Secret and Marianne. May 2006

Secret and Marianne. May 2006

OTTB Secret is enjoying the good life in Aiken, SC

Secret is enjoying the good life in Aiken, SC


OTTB - Secret is learning dressage with his mom, Marianne, in Aiken, SC

Secret is learning dressage with his mom, Marianne, in Aiken, SC

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May 16, 2007 - New Photos of Secret!

Secret two years later.

Secret two years later.

December 21, 2006

Secret and his mom Marianne - December 2006
Secret and his mom Marianne - December 2006

Dear Elizabeth and Barry,

Last Sunday Paul and I played in the pasture with Secret and took these pictures.

Secret and I are having a great time! I recently found a trainer I like. I trailer him to her place. One of her first comments was “this horse has a good soul” – we all knew that about him. Her help has been great.

In the past two years, Secret and I have learned a lot ourselves and about each other, but had gotten to the point where we needed help. Now we are getting better by leaps and bounds. He is such a fast learner. I ride him nearly everyday and he seems to look forward to it.

You will see from the pictures that he has muscled up quite a bit, has an idyllic pasture life, has good pasture buddies and still likes his peppermints.

OTTB - Secret loves his peppermints.
Secret loves his peppermints.

I am still a little photo challenged and have been having trouble coming up with good working photos, but will send you some soon.

I cannot thank you both enough for finding Secret and for trusting me with him.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes,
Marianne and Secret

October 30, 2006

I am terrible about pics - no kidding. But I will do it in the next week and send it. Secret is GREAT and we are having so much fun. He is telling me he really doesn't like dressage - as one of our vets say of TBs - their brains are a little busy for dressage. I have been working him through a jumping course with the poles on the ground and he loves it - so soon it will be time to put them up. I'll take some pics and send them to you with an update that you can publish.


OTTB - Secret lives at Black Forest in Aiken, SC
Secre's stall at the track cannot compare to his new digs at Black Forest in Aiken, SC.

April 8, 2006

Dear Elizabeth and Barry,

This is a note to follow-up on our recent conversation when I called to tell you how well Secret is doing. As you know, we had a really tough first year, beginning with my foot surgery soon after I got him.Then he pulled a muscle in the pasture,and I was so busy that we took the summer off and only really got back to work last October – exactly a year after I got him. But our problems seem behind us and he is really blossoming this spring!

Secret with the Black Forest barn in the background.

Secret with the Black Forest barn in the background.

I am able to work with him almost everyday, and the discipline is good for both of us. For the first few months we just walked up and down hills to begin getting in shape. By now, we do some arena work each day, both trot and canter, and always follow it up with a brisk trot and canter on the trails. I regularly do the stretching exercises you sent me, plus some which the chiropractor here suggested. Secret is very cooperative about them and, believe it or not, even stretches his legs out himself now that he has learned how! He is a very smart horse.

He has really filled out and looks great. He is still somewhat uneven but it seems to be improving with careful work. Just to make sure everything is ok, I have asked the chiroprator/vet to come back for a full going over in a couple of weeks when he returns from CA. Secret looks GREAT - very fit and muscled, and he seems very happy. Best of all, we have gotten on the same wavelength.

Secret lives at Black Forest in Aiken, SC

I can tell he likes his life – overnight in his warm cozy stall, a little morning work with me and then out for the day with three other horses in their 15 acre pasture. His pasture mates are all pretty calm, which means no one is getting hurt. They occasionally have a gallop around, especially on cold mornings, but at this point, are mostly interested in picking at the green grass which is beginning to come up. We are lucky to have such a large and lovely property like Black Forest available for him to board.

I check your website periodically, and can't believe how many horses you have placed. You are doing such good work to find homes for these gentle souls. This year for the Aiken Trials, all my siblings came for a family reunion, so, once again we had a house full of company and enjoyed the Aiken Trials - made me remember the fun we had last year when you both came.

Aiken, SC has race trials for the young Thoroughbreds.
Aiken, SC has race trials for the young Thoroughbreds.

I trust all is well at Bits and Bytes Farm. I know I am overdue on pictures. I am not much of a photographer, but will make a point to send you some pictures soon. In the meantime, I can’t thank you enough for your support and for Secret.

Best Wishes,

October 6, 2004

chestnut ex-racehorseSecret and Marianne at his new home in Aiken, SC.

Elizabeth visits Secret and Marianne
Elizabeth visits Secret and Marianne in March 2005

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