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Artic Gamble and his little girl Danielle Russell. April 2007

Artic Gamble and his little girl Danielle Russell. April 2007

Artic Gamble is a Thoroughbred Horse for Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Artic Gamble. - October 29, 2006

Danielle and Ron Russell

Danielle and Ron Russell are the proud owners of Artic Gamble along with mom Cindy.

Artic Gamble was a Christmas surprise for six year-old Danielle Russell.

Artic Gamble was a Christmas surprise for six year-old Danielle Russell.

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Artic Gamble

"Gamble" was a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. The Ron and Cindy Russell decided to purchase "Gamble" as a surprise Christmas present for their daughter Danielle.

Artic Gamble with his special girl Danielle and pony.
Artic Gamble with his special girl Danielle and pony.

April 16, 2007


Danielle loves seeing her artwork on your site!!!

So, with Daddy out on a fire call, we thought we would take our mind off that for a while, and get some photos (Danielle took the ones of me and Gamble-she's
a great photographer too!)

Artic Gamble and his mom.
Mom and Gamble. Photo credits to Danielle Russell.

Hopefully the next set will show some riding!

Gamble and Danielle playing in the barn. April 2007.

I didn't want to send out the camcorder from work until I could get you some new is the family "regular weeknight" (notice the one with Danielle in the wheelbarrow!)

Artic Gamble and his pony friend - Pete.

Say hi to all of the beautiful horses at the farm!
Love, Danielle, Cindy, Gamble and Pete.


April 13, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!

Gamble is family! We are planning on retiring where we are now (30 years from now!), and I've been trying to come up with a farm name using Artic or Gamble or Gray (you get the idea) He'll always be home here!

Danielle draws pictures of him all day long at school! (I can send you a scan of update his photo gallery until I can get some new photos) :-) They are the most precious things you've ever seen!

OTTB - Artic Gamble illustration by Danielle Russell

I've just never had a horse take so long to settle in. He's getting better!! I try to spend time with him in his stall a lot too (he seemed like that was something he wasn't very comfortable with-and was something we needed to work on) You still have to watch where you are and where he's going. I have come to think he believes we are the protectors - (I guess Pete doesn't qualify for a herd)! He will literally jump on top of you if something boogers him...he doesn't realize he's the big one!

Eventually we'll look at bringing in another horse, and I'm sure that will be another security blanket for him.

We only lightly ride, but it doesn't seem to make a difference with him-behaviorally or physically. He doesn't care what you're doing...he just wants to be a part of it!

Gamble still looks great! He was blanketed and sheeted all winter...he loved it...I think we missed one night-when we didn't realize it was going to be that cold, and he dug holes! He also loves the weekly bran mashes on Saturday night! - He gets so excited!!! (He knows the difference between mashes and just "regular weeknight dinners")

I get teary eyed when I watch him in the pasture, or over the stall door...Ron and I both think he is the most beautiful thing in the world (next to Danielle of course)!

My nickname for him is Big Handsome!

Thanks again,

January 13, 2007

Hey Bits and Bytes!!

Gamble just wanted to say good morning!
Here's a shot of Gamble and Pete out front just a few minutes ago!

Artic Gamble and his buddy Pete.

Also, sending an updated barn shot too...we are slowly getting there (we figure in another year we'll have everything the way we want it! Gamble is always ready to help out!! :-) He follows Ron around like a puppy dog...he has to have him in his sights at all times! Gamble has been ready to help out everytime we've had the power tools going. Nothing like an air compressor, generator, and power tools to NOT scare an OTTB!! It doesn't matter what you're doing...Gamble just wants to be a part of it! He's Ron's Buddy! Good thing Danielle doesn't mind sharing her horse with Daddy!!

Have a terrific weekend! The guys are aerating and seeding the pastures this weekend...with all the rain we've had, and are going to get again, we couldn't resist!

Talk to you soon.
Ron, Cindy, Danielle, Gamble and Pete Russell

The Russell Barn

December 25, 2006

Thank you so much again for everything!!!

I don't think we'll ever be able to top this Christmas...I hope Danielle will tell her children about this one!! Thanks for helping out Mrs. Clause!! :-)

We love the web site update! Ron's at home today trying to work some more on the barn. (but a lot of the supply companies are closed today) so I don't know what he'll get done.

We couldn't be happier with how everything fell into place. And Gamble has won our hearts! Pete (the mini) is your typical little pony terror! But it's so cute to see Gamble go from the back pasture to the front pasture (for the good grass) and the whole time he's stopping and looking back waiting for Pete to catch's a riot to watch. WHO'S BABYSITTING WHO?

Talk to you soon!

Cindy, Ron, Danielle, Gamble, Pete, Cocoa (the dog) and Milo (the cat).


Artic Gamble was a family Christmas present presented to daughter Danielle on Christmas morning!
Artic Gamble was a family Christmas present presented to daughter Danielle on Christmas morning! Gamble has a mini for a buddy.

Artic Gamble has a new family!
Artic Gamble has a new family! Cindy and Ron Russell and their daughter Danielle are Gamble's new family.

Artic Gamble and Cindy Russell. November 11, 2006
Artic Gamble and Cindy Russell. Cindy always wanted a gray horse so she tried Artic Gamble and Barbo and decided to purchase Gamble as a Christmas surprise for her daughter Daninelle.

Gray Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm - Artic Gamble.
Artic Gamble when he arrived at Bits & Bytes Farm on September 8, 2005 See more early photos on Artic Gamble's page two.

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