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Forbidden Fight

SAFE! Forbidden Fight is now safe in Portland, Oregon with his new mom Haley Mc Mann. March 31, 2007
SAFE! Forbidden Fight is now safe in Portland, Oregon with his new mom Haley Mc Mann.

March 31, 2007 - Knocked down but not out. . . Forbidden Fight wins a new home!

Hi Elizabeth,

"Forbidden" is doing very well. He is a big sweetheart.

He has manners to learn, but what he has been trained to do, he does very well. He acts like a silly toddler and then I go to bath him and he's a perfect gentleman. I turned him out the first day and he had a fabulous time. He is very interested in the other horses.

His only thing is the biting, in a playful way, and his strength is something new for me, but he quite happy where he is. He is, also very popular at the Hunt Club, since he is the youngest one there. Everyone is very interested in his progress. Some love the name Forbidden, some want a sweeter name. I intended to change his name, however, after a few days with him, he has a rascal feature that may make me keep it. I've been with him a lot this week and think he is quite special.

Thank you so much for what you do. I have a picture of him from today. I'll get one of both of us and send it soon.

I'll keep in touch,

Eliazbeth's Notes: Below is Forbidden Fight's OBS Select Yearling sales photo when he was just a yearling. He was born in 2004. Click here to see his pedigree. This gorgeous horse had shown no talent at the race track and was moving to lower and lower class tracks before he came to our attention by a friend of his breeder. She asked that we step in and spread the word to find this gorgeous well bred horse a non racing home before he was ruined at the track. Our Web site reaches people all over the world. Haley Mc Mann of Portland, Oregon saw that this horse was in need and he was almost in her own backyard at the Portland Meadows -race track. Haley called Bits & Bytes Farm and got the details. She had him vetted out and moved to the hunt club near her home. God Bless you Haley! Thank you for being able to act fast and save this beautiful young horse.


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