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Maximum Impact aka Prospect Horse For Sale "Max" has a new mom.

Maximum Impact aka Prospect Horse For Sale "Max" has a new mom. November 12, 2006.

"Max" needs a home THIS WEEK! Can you help?

"Max" was a former Prospect Horse for Sale on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.


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Maximum Impact aka "Max"

Maximum Impact and his dad Howie.

April 18, 2007


Hey. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how Max is doing. He has gotten settled into his new home and as you know it got cool here in GA for a few days. Well the cool weather made Max a very playful boy. He was trying to get my other TB Legs to play...Legs didn't really want to play so poor Max played and was very frisky around the pasture all by himself. He is such a sweetie. We are going to get training on him next month so it will defiantly be a big help for Howie to actually ride him. Well that is the update for now. I will try and send pictures as soon as I can. I maybe able to get some this weekend with the show going on at the barn where he is. I can't wait to see how he will act around all that noise. Will update you on how he does.

Take care and Max sends his kisses and hoof hugs!!!!

February 17, 2007


Hey there. Sorry it has been so long since I have been in touch. Max is doing great. We are going to be moving him to a hunter barn at the end of the month where he will officially begin his new career. I will send some updated pictures as soon as we get him settled into his new home. He still is so mischievous and loves his peppermints. I think we get a good sniff over when we walk in the stall and if we don't have them on us and give him one he pouts. Well that is the update on Max for now. Take care.


December 20, 2006

I am glad you got the other pictures I sent you of Max. I also wanted to let you know I received the ones from you. Thank you again for them.

Max is just so funny. We were with him this weekend and I was getting ready to go and ride my other TB and he actually looked jealous. When I came back he actually turned away from me when I went to his was a serious pout. He really dues enjoy his peppermints though. He just inhales them.

Max also loves to be scratched on his belly like most horses but he just gets so excited when Howie or I scratch him there. He really swishes his tail the harder we scratch the faster it goes. I took that at first as a sign he didn't like it and to quit but his ears were up and when we stopped he looked back at Howie with this look like" Did I tell you to stop???"

Max loves to be scratched on his belly

Max loves to be scratched on his belly.

He has gotten much better with us fussing around his pole so I think he has come along quiet nicely in that area. He loves to be scratched there too. He will put his head down at my level so I can get in a good scratch. It is the same with Howie.

Max really adores Howie.
Max really adores Howie.

He really adores Howie. He will follow him anywhere. He has been doing great in the round pen and I feel he is ready for another attempt at getting on his back this weekend if it doesn't rain too hard. He is doing well with his stretches also.

He really has adapted well down here and was playing around with a paint horse in the pasture the other day. He was just beautiful running around and bucking....It defiantly was a site to see.

Well, I will update you when I have more on the sweetie pie.

Take care,

December 10, 2006


Here are a few pictures of Max sorry it took so long. He is doing great and as you can see in one of the pictures he said he wanted his "Close Up!!".

Max said he wanted his "Close Up!!".

Howie worked with him today in the round pen and he did absolutely perfect. I can't say it enough he is so smart. His ground manners are much improved. Still wants to be on Howie some but much better.

"Max" modeling his new stable blanket.
"Max" modeling his new stable blanket.

Max also has a new stable blanket and he is such a gem to put it on him. He really likes it. Well I have to run for now. Hope all is well with you.

Thanks, take care,

November 26, 2006

Small update on Max. He has and is still learning some ground manners but is coming along quiet nicely. He really is such a devilish "kid". He loves to be brushed and loves to help groom you while you are grooming him. He was learning how to stand quietly and he did some of the things that you taught us to do with him for what I call stretching....neck etc. He defiantly seems to be tight on that right side. I am trying to get in touch with our chiropractor down here but he is also a police officer and he works different hours.  So we shall see. 


Elizabeth's Note: Max had one chiropractic adjustment while at our farm. His poll needed some adjustment. We found out later that Max loved to be silly on the hot walker. It sometimes takes two or three adjustments with exercises being done between the adjustments to get the horse feeling 100%. Below is a photo of another horse acting up on the hot walker. You can see why these horses get out of alignment.

Thoroughbred playing on the hot walker. You can see why these horses get out of alignment.

November 20, 2006

Here is an update on Max. He is really settled in nicely but he did try, when let out with some other horses, to be the dominate one....Just like a man. HA HA

Howie lunged him for the first time on Saturday and he did fine going counter clock wise but going clock wise he had some issues with bucking and the gate to the round pen when he was cantering.

Then, yesterday I got on him for the first time and he did fine with a smooth walk trot counter clock wise but when we went to go clock wise he really had some issues of wanting to trot side ways and then he went into a bucking fit. Yes, I stayed on and I continued to work with him and he was fine. Howie had lunged him before I even got on and he still had some stubbornness about counter clock wise but no bucking.

Do you have any thoughts as to why he might be doing this? Any suggestions on what may do to help correct this issue?

He is a beautiful mover and has a very smooth trot. I wish my Legs had that kind of trot. Once he gets everything put together he is going to be a wonderful horse.....I can't wait till that day. He is so smart. He picks up on things I ask after only one or two tries of asking him. He is just super. Howie is just in love with him and he adores Howie.

Well, I should let you go but if you can give any thoughts on my questions please let me know. Thanks hope all is well with you.


Elizabeth's Training Notes: Max may still need another chiropractic adjustment. (He had his first one here at the farm.) Do his daily stretches and butt tucks. I would not ask for the canter until he can move quietly clock wise. Put side reins on him and free lunge him in the round pen. He needs to build up his strength in the back end.

We lunge the horse for a few weeks after the first chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractor tells us that we can tell how they are doing by watching to see that both back legs are coming under him by the same amount. If one is striding shorter, that means he still needs work in the back end so we do lots of stretches and cross over exercises. Put the side reins on loosely and it will make him use his back better. 'Max" has no muscle tone because he was turned out to pasture and has been doing nothing for a few months.

November 14, 2006

Howard and "Max" meet for the first time.
Howard and "Max" meet for the first time. - November 12, 2006


I just wanted to send a quick email to you. It was so great to meet with you both on Sunday. Also, I wanted to drop you a line regarding Max. He is doing absolutely wonderful. He really is such a comical horse. Howie was scratching him yesterday and he would turn around and try to nip at him, and when Howie would say something, he would turn his head like "Who ME?" "I didn't do that." He just is so sweet and he seems like he is an easy stall keeper so far. He is just so mischievous. Will give you an update probably over the weekend if not before.

Take care,

November 12, 2006 - "Max" is purchased by Lisa and Howard Snyder of Richmond Hills, Georgia which is near Savannah.

Maximum Impact was a former Prospect Horse for Sale. Elizabeth picked up "Max" during her recent trip to Kentucky to visit the Fasig-Tipton sales in early November. She was able to bring "Max" to Bits & Bytes Farm when a stall opened up. Before we could get him up on our Horses for Sale page, Lisa and Howard Snyder decided to purchase him. They had been watching him on our Prospect Horses for Sale page.

"Max" and his new family - Lisa and Howard Snyder. November 12, 2006
Former Prospect Horse for Sale "Max" has been SOLD! Congratulations to Lisa and Howard Snyder from the Savannah, Georgia area. November 12, 2006

Maximum Impact and Lisa. November 12, 2006
Maximum Impact and Lisa. November 12, 2006

OTTB Maximum Impact enjoys his turn out to the "Max"!
OTTB Maximum Impact enjoys his turn out to the "Max"!

Elizabeth's first ride on OTTB Maximum Impact.
Elizabeth's first ride on OTTB Maximum Impact. - November 9, 2006

November 6, 2006 - Maximum Impact arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm from Kentucky.

Maximum Impact is now at Bits & Bytes Farm
Maximum Impact is now at Bits & Bytes Farm. November 7, 2006

OTTB - Maximum Impact was a former Prospect Horse for Sale.
OTTB - Maximum Impact was a former Prospect Horse for Sale.


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