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OTTB - Mister Goyo and Darlene Wilson

Mister Goyo and his mom Darlene Wilson.

Mister Goyo was originally listed on our Prospect Horses for Sale page.

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Mister Goyo aka "Tippy"

OTTB Mister Goyo in training to be a sport horse.

December 20, 2007


Here's Tippy with the trainer.  He is doing really well.  We have been working hard in the ring and on the trail.  He is so smart and tries hard.  We have started on cross poles and small X jumps. 

Tippy is doing very well working on the basics. My group of riding buddies like to trail ride, so that's most of we have been doing. He rides by traffic, jumps logs, crosses bridges and water. He shoulders in, knows his leads, and side-passes. He is completely sound and learning everyday. The vet just took a look at him last week and said he's sound and ready for anything.

Sorry I have not done better keeping you up dated.


January 30, 2007


I just wanted to up-date you on Mr. Goyo's progress here at the farm. He has been here since August 06 and I let him have that time off to rest and grow.

Mr Goyo and his mom Darlene Wilson of Alabama.

He has grown since his arrival and, he looks like his legs go on forever. He looks thin but I promise you that he eats well and often. I have not been in a hurry with trying to push him. I wanted him to be a horse for a while.

I have to say that he's the best horse, his personality is just great. He thinks he's a dog and follows you around in the pasture and comes to the fence to see what's going on.

Tippy had not been ridden since he left the track back in August. Today, I put the saddle on him and we worked in the arena. I could tell that someone in his past had taken the time to teach him more then racing. He would move off my leg, turn, stop with a voice command. I was so proud of him. He just loves the attention and would do whatever I asked. He was not worried but the jumps, tires, walking over a bridge, or the dog running around. He acts like a trusting old soul. I can't wait until the morning to ride him again.

Thanks again for helping me find my boy,
Darlene Wilson

Former Thoroughbred race horse - Mister Goyo and Darlene Wilson
Mister Goyo and Darlene Wilson

August 27, 2006


I just wanted to touch base with you about Mister Goyo. I now call him Tippy, after his mother. I wanted to say thanks for helping me find such a wonderful boy. I have tried in the past to purchase horses from others to only have major problems. It really helps to have someone who knows the ropes and can assist in making a good match. I have learned that some people will tell you anything to sell a horse.

Tippy has settled in and is taking it easy here on the farm. When he arrived and unloaded he just looked around like he was on a fieldtrip. I was not sure how he would act after 10 hours on the trailer. He was very well behaved.

I just fell in love with him when he looked at me with those big dark eyes. Tippy loves to give kisses and hugs. I think he would come in the house with me if my husband would allow him. He is such a good natured horse and a pleasure to work with. I can tell that he has been treated with kindness by his past owner. He is so friendly and willing that I look only for good things in the future. Everyone who has come over to see him all agree that he's very handsome and kind. I will keep you post on our progress.

Thanks Again,

Mister Goyo was originally listed on our Prospect Horses for Sale page in August 2006.

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