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Projectile One

Foaled: April 20, 2000
16 hh
Kind, sweet temperament

Snowdance Kid - January 22, 2006

Projectile One - February 19, 2006

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Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale

Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale

OTTB Projectile One is an Eventing Prospect

Click here to see Projectile One's Prospect Horse for Sale photos. He was called Project One at that time.

Bits & Bytes Farm Success Stories

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Projectile One - For Sale

Projectile One was a former Prospect Horse for Sale who was purchased by Heather Buras to train and resell. Click here to see his photos when he was listed as a Prospect Horse for Sale. Click here to contact Heather Buras.

Projectile One - March 17, 2006
Projectile One - March 17, 2006

March 9, 2006 -Training Notes From Heather

"Peaks" learning to long line and he is trotting well over cavalettis on the lunge and under saddle. He has learned to canter (usually even getting his leads right!).  I can open and close the arena gate while mounted -- he's quiet and stands with only light rein contact for mounting from the block. He's also had a bath, and really enjoys the water. He likes having his face sprayed -- he puts his head down, ears sideways and lets me spray his poll -- andhe tries to catch the water or the hose in his mouth. I can touch him anywhere and do pretty much anything with him from the ground -- he likes the attention and never tries to get snarky about the handling.

February 28, 2006 - Training Notes from Heather

Update on "Peaks"... 
He's doing great. I've had three rides on him so far, and all have been lots of fun. He has the greatest mouth--I've put him in a big, fat eggbutt snaffle, and fully expected that I'd be upgrading to a narrower mouthpiece. Not so! He's wonderful in it--very light to my hands, but by no means oversensitive. What a treat--he doesn't want to lug or pull at all! And his headset? Ha! It's in a little farther than I'd like--with him, I'll be working to stretch him out not rein him in. He hardly pokes his nose past the vertical, even when he's on the lungeline--he has such a nice arch to his neck!

Barry was a great help the first night I rode him. He lunged us together at the walk, and then led us around on the line. We did the first trip or two around on a lead rope length line, and the last few about ten feet apart. Then he set us free. We worked mostly on walking, but did some small trotting sessions, too. We even walked over the ground poles, and he took them like a champ!

On rides two and three, I did some ground work first--lunging the first day, and long lining the second. Wow, do I love his mouth! And there is not a not a mean bone in his body-- all he wants to do is please! We did more trotting in these sessions, and though his trot is still more bunched up than I'd like, he's bending nicely into his turns and responding very well to my leg. I got a few passes where I could feel the trot that we have pictures of--it'll come, just a matter of realizing that he's a sport horse and not a race horse any more. I can't wait to canter him!

Today, Lise and I took "Fred" and "Peaks" on a trail walk through the woods... Both boys got a great lesson in crossing the stream. Neither was too keen on it at first, but with a little coaxing and some follow the leader, both decided that the water was no big deal--all it took to get "Peaks" across was a handful of grass--imagine that--he sure loves his food!! (My 48 girth fits on the second hole--from the bottom--on each side, and I have l-o-n-g billets!!) Both of them seemed to enjoy the walk, and Lise and I had a nice time talking and comparing training ideas while we were out.

I'm looking forward to a week of better weather--anything will be better than last week!! More updates to follow soon. - Heather


Off-the-track Thoroughbreds for Sale


February 18, 2006 - Projectile One was purchased as a Prospect Horse with the assitance of Bits & Bytes Farm.

Off-the-track Thoroughbreds for Sale

Heather is "Peaks" owner who purchased him to train ans resell.


Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale
Projectile One - February 19, 2006

Dressage prospect horse for sale

Chestnut Thoroughbred horse for sale

Eventing Prospect Horse for Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale

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