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Frede Cutting Horses

We also do Web sites for non equine businesses as well! Our Web sites are all custom designed not cookie cutter.

Frosty Frog Creamery & Cafe


Blue Skies Center for Women Web design


Zaic & Associates Equine Architecture.


Ryan Walsh Racing Stable


Gold-Plated Gun dogs Web site for Brian Szczech


Web site for Henderson Companies.


Manley Spangler Smith Architects


Eastland-Tire Web site.


Southeast Cherokee Business Network. A Cherokee County, Georgia business group.


Imtiaz Anees


Rademacher Industrial System, Inc.


Abatement Technologies Web site


Pearl Protected Web site


One-World- Inc. Web site.


Dunlap Equine Services Somerville, TN

Web design by Bits & Bytes Farm

design services > web site design > Pricing of Web Design Services

Pricing of Web Design Services

Web Site Pricing Includes

Entry-Level Package

Mid-Range Package

Premium Package*

Domain Name only

2 Years - $30!


Web Hosting - no design




Graphic design & development




Number of pages in site


5 - 10

Custom designs

Total number of client provided graphics or images
(logo, photographs, artwork, etc.)




Hours of consultation




Total number of links to other sites




Average number of words per page. (Supplied by client on disk or e-mail) 250 words per page average

250 words per page average

Design of home page banner using your logo.

Included with client provided graphic

SEO - Editing of text to be sure it is search-engine-friendly


Insertion of keywords into HTML code. Provides higher search engine listings. Also referred to as search engine optimization.


Test and upload your site to your Web hosting provider.


Graphics scanning & image optimization


Custom image editing and touch-up

$25 per 1/4 hour

Get Your Own Unique Internet Domain Name ( and e-Mail Addresses

We will research and register your own unique Internet domain name, such as Look more professional. Get e-mail addresses with You.Name@ No more

How Much Will It Cost to Have a Web Site Designed?

Building a Web site is like building a house. . .
How big do you want it and how much customization? We can build you a simple one room house (one page) or a custom designed mansion (a complex Web site with all the bells and whistles) or something in between. Call us to discuss WHY you need a Web site and we will help you decide how big to make it to match YOUR needs. Then we can give you an accurate quote so you will be able to budget for the design and maintenance of the site. You can start small and add on to your site as you see the success it brings to your business.

We Specialize in Making Your Sight Rank High in the Search Engines

We build in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to every site we design so that search engines like Yahoo and Google will find your site. SEO starts with the layout and design of the home page. We design each page so that the search engines can find them and understand what you are selling.

Why do you need SEO?

Imagine putting a sign in front of your business. Potential customers who drive by will know you are in business. People who do not drive by will not see your sign and will NOT know you are in business. To get more potential customers to find your business so you have to run ads in the newspaper or Yellow pages so that potential customers can find you. This costs more money.

Without SEO your Web site has no sign and no way of people finding your Web site. If the search engines find your site (through SEO) they will classify your it and send visitors. If your site is not built so the search engines will find it then you have a Web site with no way of anyone finding the Web site unless they happen to "drive by" by accident or know the exact address (URL) of your site. SEO is more than just adding keywords. What you say and where you say it on the page will tell a search engine what business you are in and they will classify the business catagory - right or wrong.

The Bits & Bytes Farm Web site is designed so that people looking for "Thoroughbred horses for sale" will find us by using one of the many search engines like Google.

Web Hosting Services

Once your Web site is designed and programmed on our computers, the data is uploaded to a computer server located at a Web hosting company. When a person types your domain name, the server downloads the files that describe your page to the browser. The server is connected with a reliable, high-speed connection to the Internet and is available 24/7.

Bits & Bytes Farm now hosts Web sites. We have added hosting services to our skills of Web site design and development. We can host and set up your site. You may use whichever Web hosting company you like or currently have. We are now one-stop shopping for equine (and other) businesses wishing to get on-line to promote their business with the new marketing tools based on the Internet. We elimate the hassle of getting the hosting of your site set up. We will even set up e-mail addresses so that you can look more professional with an e-mail address that is:


Web Examples

Take a moment to review a few of our Web site designs in our portfolio. - Web site of Bits & Bytes Farm, Inc. - Web site with success stories of off-the-track Thoroughbreds. - Web site for an ob/gyn practice. - Web site for an ice cream store and cafe. - Web site for The Henderson Companies which is a diversified group of companies specializing in commercial real estate, development, cold storage operations and cold & dry storage facilities development. Principle Barry Henderson was the former Master of Fox Hounds for the Shamrock Hounds fox hunt. - Web site for professional gun dog trainer Brian Szczech with links to his DVDs on training gun dogs. Brian is also an avid fox hunter. - Zaic & Associates is an architectural firm that designs equine properties for horse owners along as well as non equine commercial and retail business locations. Principle Randy Zaic and his wife Colleen are long time friends who we met fox hunting. Randy is also a polo player. - Web site of architect firm Manley, Spangler, Smith Architects (MSSA ). MSSA designed the schools built around Bits & Bytes Farm. - Web site for Abatement Technologies who manufacturer professional indoor air quality products that provide exceptional performance, quality, value and reliability for healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial applications. - Web site for firefighter recommended PEARL - recessed, interior permanent escape and rescue ladder that provides a home escape plan for fire, disaster or home invasion.

I’m Ready to Get Started!

To get started, we’d like to discuss your needs and marketing goals. Contact Barry Zuber at 770-704-6559 or e-mail him at to get started. We look forward to talking with you soon.

* Premium Pricing is only the starting point. Pricing may go up significantly with custom programming and Flash animation. These prices are for farms or equine related Web sites. Corporate rates vary by complexity of the site.


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