Georgia teachers toured Bits & Byte Farm on June 27, 2007.

The teachers touring Bits & Bytes Farm were greeted at the barn door by Pride of the Fox and his "Friend" Missy Miller.





Missy Miller and Pride of the Fox

Missy Miller and Pride of the Fox answered training questions from the teachers. The teachers were impressed with the personalities and the quietness of the Thoroughbreds.























Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm, Tamera Cunningham riding OTTB Southern Legacy.

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm, Tamera Cunningham riding OTTB Southern Legacy.












OTTB Sing D Song.

OTTB Sing D Song. Thoroughbreds love people and they are very gentle.


Georgia Teachers Tour Bits & Bytes Farm

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Elizabeth enjoys educating people about how kind and sweet Thoroughbreds are.
Elizabeth shares her Thorougbred retraining stories with the Georgia teachers.

Bits & Bytes Farm Welcomes Georgia teachers

On June 27, 2007, Bits & Bytes Farm welcomed 20 Georgia teachers from Cherokee and Pickens Counties to meet our Thoroughbreds and learn how we retrain them for new careers as sport horses and family pets.

Recently, Elizabeth was contacted by Shirley Powell of the Georgia Farm Bureau to see if Bits & Bytes Farm would be available to tour by Georgia teachers learning about agriculture in Georgia. Elizabeth is never one to pass up an opportunity to educate the public on the fate of Thoroughbreds who are no longer racing. She jumped at the chance to have these educators learn about the wonderful personalities of Thoroughbreds -- up close and personal.

Teachers see Thoroughbreds in training for new careers

The tour of the farm included seeing the "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" riding and training the Thoroughbred horses for sale at the farm. Missy Miller greeted our visitors at the barn door with Pride of the Fox, a former race horse from Philadelphia Park. The teachers gathered around "Foxy" while Elizabeth explained the background and history of our farm.

Tamera Cunningham brought out Sing D Song to meet the teachers. They learned that even horses of good breeding are in need of a new career after racing. Sing D Song is the son of Unbridled's Song, whose stud fee in 2007 is $200,000! If he had not been bought off-the-track with the help of Bits & Bytes Farm, he may have ended up at auction and possibly even on a table in France or Japan as dinner!

Grey horse for sale - Sing D Song is a son of Unbridled's Song.
Sing D Song is the son of Unbridled's Song, whose stud fee in 2007 is $200,000!

Another Cherokee County teacher, Karen Boysen, gave a demo with her student, Samantha Lee, jumping Era of Chanago in the arena.

Karen Boysen and Samatha Lee on Era of Chanago.
Trainer, Karen Boysen gives a riding demo to the Georgia teachers touring Bits & Bytes Farm. June 27, 2007

Karen is a "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm" and the resident trainer who teaches the "Friends" how to ride and train the Thoroughbreds for sale here at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Era of Chanago and Samantha Lee
Thoroughbred horse for sale, Era of Chanago, with young rider Samantha Lee.

After the riding demo, the tour moved to the barn to give the teachers first hand contact with each of the Thoroughbreds. Peppermints were given to each teacher so they could see how gentle and kind Thoroughbreds are. Each horse had his head out of the stall door ready to greet the new visitors. We have lots of visitors to the farm and the horses all know that they are the stars and they love to meet and greet each one.

The teachers were given the opportunity to have their questions answered. They were all pleasantly surprised at how calm and sweet the Thoroughbreds are. They could not believe that horses like these go to slaughter every day because no one wants them any more.

Elizabeth concluded the tour by thanking our visitors for coming to the farm to learn about the mission of Bits & Bytes Farm. She asked each one to consider donating to one of the many Thoroughbred rescue sites listed on our Links page. Each teacher was given a postcard with our Web address and mission statement. We hope that they will pass on the knowledge they gained at Bits & Bytes Farm to others who might either get a Thoroughbred off-the-track or donate to a rescue organization.

Each teacher was given a postcard with our Web address and Mission Statement. Postcard front (above) and Mission Statement on the back. (below)

The Mission of Bits & Bytes Farm postcard.

Elizabeth Wood is available to speak to your organization about Retraining Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds.


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