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September 25th, 2014

New Horses Are Coming!

"Twiny' 16.2 Hand Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

We have the first of four new horses posted up on our Web site now. Check out “Twiny”. He is a 2010 baby so he is still growing but he is a big boy already at 16.2 and solid. We think he looks like a jumper or eventing prospect. He has only raced 16 times and since being gelded he has decided that racing is too much work! Visit “Twiny’s” Prospect Horse For Sale page and see photos and videos of this handsome chestnut gelding.

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September 18th, 2014


"Sage" - Price Reduced

PRICE REDUCED on “Sage”! I get call all the time on our Prospect Horses For Sale from people who have almost no budget. We usually recommend they contact a rescue group but now we have a safe, sane, sound mare who needs a home. This is what you have been asking for. Now CALL! We can’t put her on the Bargain Barn page because there is nothing wrong with her! If you have a limited budget… you can afford her and shipping too. Please call.

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September 13th, 2014

“Rita” – 5 Days to Find Her a Home! SOLD!

"Rita" - Thoroughbred Mare For Sale

“Rita” is a very sweet, sound and well behaved mare who has had some bad luck. SOLD! “Rita” has found a home and a new career away from racing! Thank you all for caring and sharing her story.

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September 2nd, 2014

Selling Thoroughbreds at 70 MPH

Selling Thoroughbreds at 70 mph

We put a 17 hand Thoroughbred horse for sale up on our Facebook page and loaded his photos onto our laptop before taking off for Kentucky to pick up two Thoroughbreds at their breeders farm. Read “The rest of the story”…

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