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November 5th, 2012

Saint Lawrence and the “Pony” Horse


Training a young Thoroughbred to be ridden should be a slow and deliberate process. You do not want to scare him and cause life-long issues. Saint Lawrence is so confident and quiet because of all the ground work done ahead of time. Bubba helped teach Saint Lawrence how to ride alongside another horse. Walking over poles is the first lesson for jumping.

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May 5th, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby! Saint Lawrence Turns Two!

Saint Lawrence - March 11, 2012 Photo by Carol Walcoff Dixon

Our baby at the farm, Saint Lawrence, turns two on May 5, 2012. He is the center of attention at the farm and he likes it that way. He is confident and fearless. He measures 16.3 at his butt and his withers are close to that as well.

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April 20th, 2011

Saint Lawrence – Our Baby




Saint Lawrence is the baby at Bits & Bytes Farm. We fell in love with his older brother Running Tall aka “Chewy” while he was at our farm in training. We almost bought his mom Great Game just to get another “Chewy”. We were lucky that Saint Lawrence’s breeder decided that he

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May 5th, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby (and Bubba, too)

Saint Lawrence and Bubba

Today Saint Lawrence aka “Da’ Baby” turned three. He and Lynn’s Vision aka “Bubba” share birthdays on Cinco de Mayo. Saint Lawrence is almost 17 hands and “Bubba” has been trying hard all his life to reach 16 hands and it looks like he did not make it for yet another year!

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September 23rd, 2012

Riding ‘The Baby’ for the First Time!


Saint Lawrence was purchased as a yearling from one of our favorite Thoroughbred breeders in April 2011. He is now almost 29 months old and time to be broke for riding. We have done a year and a half of ground work and training and now it is time to get on him for the first time . . .

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June 19th, 2012

Does Anyone Have an Extension Ladder?

Saint Lawrence is growing like a weed. He turned two on May 5th and he is already over 16.3 hands! How will we ever get on this monster? See Elizabeth’s solution.

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