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August 11th, 2014

Unraced 4 YO Competition Prospect

"Tiz" is an unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

We now have two unraced young Thoroughbred horses for sale on our Web site. We work closely with breeders, owners and trainers who care about what happens to their horses after racing or if they don’t have the talent to make to the races. Not every horse is cut out and competitive enough to race

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March 14th, 2013

Well Priced Horse For Sale – “Johnaton” SOLD!

Johnaton - Gorgeous dark by Thoroughbred horse for sale - Bargain Priced

Two Thoroughbreds found homes this month!

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October 19th, 2012

“Morgan” – 16.1 hh Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Win For Morgan - Thoroughbred Horse Sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

“Morgan” is our newest Thoroughbred Horse For Sale. He is a 2009, 16.2 hand chestnut gelding who is recovering from an injury. He could go back to racing. We would prefer to place him into a home that is less stressful than racing – a dressage or pleasure career will keep him safe and sound. He is only three and we expect that he will finish growing at about 17 hands!

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July 30th, 2011

New Bargain Barn Horse!

Beyond the Palace - ex-race horse needs new career.

“Palace” is a 2008, 15.2 hh gelding who has only run three times. He has a small sesamoid fracture that happened on 6-25-11. It has already been re-x-rayed and it is healing well. He has been on stall rest and is getting ready to be turned out for three more months. All x-rays and info will go with him. He is a super athletic horse with big movement for his size. This is your chance to get a really nice horse for almost nothing but only if you can provide stall rest and then limited turn out so that he can have a full recovery. He needs a home ASAP.

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November 18th, 2010

Bargain Priced Horses in Time for Christmas!

We have a bunch of Thoroughbred horses for sale that are located in upstate NY on the farm of one of our breeders. These horses are all very special and need to find a good home for Christmas. These horses are not the usual Bits & Bytes Farm prospects and they really do not fit as Bargain Barn horses so we decided to give them a page of their own. All horses priced $1500 or less! Read more . . .

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February 17th, 2010

Last Chance for Mike’s Kong

mikeskongbodyI got this last chance call for a horse named Mike’s Kong. Can anyone help? He is in eastern Pennsylvania. We don’t usually do rescues but I hate to hear these kind of stories. He is a colt so maybe someone would want him for a breeding program. We cannot save them all but let’s try to save this one for my friends. More information . . .

UPDATE: Mike’s Kong is safe. He is going to a farm that breeds Quarter Horses. Thank you to all who offered to help this horse.

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