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September 20th, 2009

Chestnuts With Chrome!

Red - NEW Thoroughbred horse for sale

"Red" is a Thoroughbred Prospect Horse for sale directly from the race track.

Everyone loves those chestnuts with lots of chrome (white) on their legs and faces. We have two new flashy chestnut geldings for sale to catch your eyes.

“Red” is a new Thoroughbred Prospect Horse for sale directly from the race track. He is three and has only run four times. He is unplaced and so he needs a new career. “Red” is drop dead gorgeous and kind. He looks like he would make a great 3-day eventor. He still has lots of growing to do. The Thoroughbreds grow tall until almost six and start filling out at five and a half. “Red” is a May baby so he is really young and will grow for three more years.

Admiration - 17 hand Throughbred Horse for resale

Admiration - 17 hand Throughbred Horse for resale

Still afraid to buy sight unseen from the track?

No problem. Check out a former Prospect Horse For Sale from 2007 – Admiration. He has been in training with his owner for two years now. Admiration aka “Huey” is a tank! He is 17 hands and is often mistaken for a warmblood. There is no mistaking the beauty of this boy. He has four white stockings and a big blaze. He would make a great eventer or fox hunter for a larger man. He can carry a large person but he has a soft mouth and he is easy to control. Check out Admiration’s Resale page for more photos and contact information.

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