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October 17th, 2010

Garland Mountain Trail Ride with Nine Thoroughbreds

Group Photo

Nine Thoroughbreds trail riding at Garland Mountain

We just returned from a fabulous trail ride to Garland Mountain in North Georgia. It was only a 30 minute ride from Bits & Bytes Farm and the weather was perfect! The temperatures were cool in the morning but by afternoon they were in the low 70’s. The leaves are beginning to change and the ground was dry.

We loaded up eight Thoroughbreds from our farm – all ex-race horses and headed to Garland Mountain Horse and Hiking Trails. We met up with our good friend and fellow fox hunter Brian Szczech (Gold-Plated Gundogs) and his Thoroughbred fox hunter. We had nine riders from our farm but only room for eight horses so Suellen graciously shared Monarch’s Reign with Granya so that we all could have a chance to enjoy the trails. We did one loop with all nine horses and then we broke up into two smaller groups and swapped riders.

When both groups returned, Suellen had set up a picnic under the pavilion at the parking area. And, true to our Bits & Bytes Farm tradition, we had a fantastic meal shared with friends. What a wonderful way to end a beautiful day of riding. Enjoy our photos. Learn more about boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm. YOU can be a part of the fun too!

Horses on today’s ride included: Brew This aka Brewster, So Romeo, Era of Chanago, Monarch’s Reign, Pride of the Fox, With Wings, Lynn’s Vision aka Bubba, Political Pull.

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