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December 31st, 2016

Happy New Year from Bits & Bytes Farm!

Happy New Year from Bits & Bytes Farm

We want to toast everyone who became a Thoroughbred owner in 2016. We wish you success and happiness with your new OTTB. Bits & Bytes Farm has been successfully placing Thoroughbreds since 2001. In that time, we have placed almost 300 horses. We have seen the market grow and develop for Thoroughbreds. This was our mission and we are happy that there is now a demand for sound ex-race horses. It has been a long and sometimes difficult mission. It may be time to let others carry on our work.


Whirlwind & Kitten's Warrior with Dave and Liz Pettinger

Whirlwind & Kitten’s Warrior with Dave and Liz Pettinger


Owners and trainers can now sell their Thoroughbreds online themselves. Savvy buyers are willing to take the risk of going directly to the track. Bits & Bytes Farm has always pre-screened the horses we sell but it seems as if the buyers would rather buy direct than have the bad ones weeded out for them — even when the price is the same or less. They are willing to take the gamble of buying without assistance or the benefit of after sale help.


Archie Bunker and Barb Frist

Archie Bunker and Barb Frist – November 2016


We have never made a business of selling Thoroughbreds and never made money off what we do. It may be time to let the buyers and sellers find each other and work out the issues on their own.
2017 will be a year of deciding if our mission is still needed or if it is time to focus on our real business of digital marketing and website design. I toast all of our buyers over the years. We will always be available for advice and help. We will continue to help place any horse we have sold…even if it is now with a second owner. We thank all of our buyers for taking wonderful care of the Thoroughbreds we have entrusted to their care.


Silver Talk Rib and Myron Langer

Silver Talk Rib and Myron Langer

Tonight, we will drink a toast to those who trusted our judgment and allowed us to find them their special horse and also to all who love the Thoroughbred breed as much as we do. God bless and be safe!

We still have a few carefully selected Thoroughbreds for sale. Call us at 770-704-6595 between 9 am and 9 pm and we will see if we can match you with your next competition or pleasure partner.Visit our newest web site: www.thoroughbred-horses-for-sale-web-site to see our Prospect Horses


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