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March 11th, 2019

Have You Seen Our YouTube Retraining Thoroughbreds Channel?

Here is a small selection of the videos you will find on our BitsandBytes Farm YouTube Channel. We have many videos to help you start training your off-the-track-Thoroughbred (OTTB). We also have some ‘dirty videos’ too. Rocky Bear our almost white Thoroughbred has his own channel of videos of him rolling in the mud with his sidekick Classic Casey. If you just want to relax and watch horse videos instead of cat videos on YouTube, we’ve got you covered like the mud on Rocky Bear. Enjoy!

Despooking Training with a Young Thoroughbred

It was a muddy messy Sunday and we spent much of the day working on the arena footing. We decided that it might be a good time to do some despooking training. First Misty followed the arena harrow (see our Instagram page for the video) and then our horse in for training, Made In Her Image aka 'Mae', got exposed to the 'Evil Plastic Bag on a Whip', then the 'Hula Hoop of Horrors' and last of all the 'Big Blue Tarp'. The most scary thing of all for me, was how dirty she was. 'Mae' is pasture mates with Rocky Bear and I think Rocky has been letting 'Mae' into the puddle.

'Mae' is just a well-adjusted baby who is great fun to train. We are happy to bring any of the horses we have for sale in for starter training right-off-the-track for anyone who needs a little help at the beginning. Visit our websites for the horses we currently have for sale. and
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