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December 7th, 2012

Maverick Trainer at Bits & Bytes Farm

Brat Maverick and his mom - trainer Kathy Duke at Bits & Bytes Farm

Maverick trainer? For three reasons:

1. Our in-house trainer, Kathy Duke is the new owner of Brat Maverick.

2. Kathy works with adult re-riders (riders who rode as kids and are now getting back to it). Kathy gives one-on-one lessons for adults at Bits & Bytes Farm – no twelve year-old on a pony will show you up! She also trains our boarder’s horses.

3. Kathy uses Thoroughbreds as her lessons horses. Thoroughbreds are responsive and sensitive and safe. They will allow you to learn much more quickly and give you a more pleasurable ride than a dead sided lesson horse at a stable giving group lessons to kids. Get back into riding in an adult environment riding gorgeous well trained off-the-track Thoroughbreds.

Brat Maverick and Kathy Duke at the Oxer Farm Horse Show

Brat Maverick has found a new mom. Congratulations to Kathy Duke of Canton, GA.

Brat Maverick will continue to live at Bits & Bytes Farm and Kathy will use him during her lessons. Kathy welcomes new students – especially women who are getting back into riding after a long break. These re-riders will find learning to ride again fun and informative in a supportive environment of adult riders who have nothing to prove and everything to enjoy. We have very quiet Thoroughbreds to ride while relearning the pleasure of riding horses.



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