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Nickerdoodles by Melanie Eberhardt

Melanie Eberhardt Illustration - Trail Ride - pen and ink

Our first Nickerdoodle from artist in residence – Melanie Eberhardt.

My horse, Bubba, lives at Bits &  Bytes Farm. Our friends, Elizabeth and Barry, take great care of him and he’s very happy living there with other OTTB’s (Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds). I also enjoy going to the barn and hanging with horse friends. We encourage each other riding in the ring, we have fun going on trail rides, we chit chat while brushing the horses in the wash rack. We pick and tease one another and crack a lot of jokes. My smart ass friends at the farm crack me up and their endless stories inspired me to create visual images – cartoons – to relay all the horse antics.

This is the first posting of a new cartoon horse series, “Nickerdoodles”. Some cartoons will be single panel but I’m developing others that are simple animations. For years I’ve wanted to do animations or sequential pieces and “Nickerdoodles” will be my forum for experimenting.

I hope you enjoy this series and this first single panel post! We often take the horses on trail rides – a fun outing that both horses and riders always enjoy!

More “Nickerdoodles” from Melanie Eberhardt

Melanie Eberhardt is a talented artist and we always enjoy seeing her paintings and commissions. Melanie is becoming famous for her commissions and she has a waiting list. Check out what Melanie is doing on her Eberhardt Working Blog and visit Melanie’s Web site. Melanie also has a blog created for her niece and nephew call Aunt Mel’s Animals which is filled with fun photos of the animals in her life.

Melanie Eberhardt  pet illustrations make great gifts.

Melanie Eberhardt pet illustrations make great gifts.

The Gossip Fence by Melanie Eberhardt

The Gossip Fence by Melanie Eberhardt. The Gossip Fence features the riders in the rings at Bits & Bytes Farm. It was done as a commissioned painting for the Olivers.

Melanie Eberhardt is a talented artist and we are proud to have her and her horse, Bubba, here at Bits &  Bytes Farm.