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Gold Commander One – SOLD!

Gold Commander One - 17 hand bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale

UPDATE: SOLD! Gold Commander One has a new home! Congratulations to Jennifer Himes of Memphis, TN on the purchase of our favorite campaigner!

Gold Commander One was foaled in 2000 and he is 17 hands tall – a gentle giant. He has been an excellent race horse and he has been well loved and cared for by his owner/trainer. She once lost him in a claiming race and she bought him back! He is a little older and has some wear and tear on his legs so we are looking for an easy life as a family horse. He is sound for riding but should not have a jumping career. His owner loves him very much and requires that you stay in touch. This is a class act horse and he deserves to live out his life surrounded by people who will love him as much as he is loved now. Only finances forces the placement of this horse. Unfortunately, the owners/trainers can not keep every horse they race but the good ones work hard to find a great home for the horses that have raced so well for them for so many years. SOLD! Congratulations to Jennifer Himes of Memphis, TN on the purchase of Gold Commander One!