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We have created a new web site to make it easy to see all the Prospect Horses (horses at the track or their owners’ farm) at one quick view. Visit and bookmark to find pre-screened sound Thoroughbred sport horse prospects.  These Thoroughbred horses for sale are still at the track or at their owners’ farms. We usually do not have video and you are purchasing them sight unseen with a vet check.

Read the page. “Buying a Track Prospect Horse” to understand the process. If you are not comfortable buying this way, please look at the horses in training at Bits & Bytes Farm or our Resale Horses. We have horses in all price ranges. Check out our page titled Pricing Information or read our FAQ page for answers to some of the most common questions. We do not give prices by e-mail. Please call for pricing.

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Olympic Mood - Thoroughbred Horse For Sale - Bits & Bytes Farm

Olympic Mood is a 2014, dark bay, 16.1+ hand, Thoroughbred mare. Her nickname is "Moody".  She has a wonderful personality and is not marish or moody in personality. She got her name because her dam is Mood Change, by Changeintheweather.

She has only raced seven times, four times as a three-year-old and three times as a four-year-old. She is been retired from racing no fault of her own. Her owner has too many other horses that are actually fit and racing so they decided to let us sell this one. 

I repeat, she is not marish at all. She is easy to ride on farm and at the track. Her owner says she has a super nice heart. She ships well and is up-to-date on everything. This mare could go in any direction from a pleasure horse to a show horse. She is put together well and she is a fabulous mover. She is priced to sell. Beat the Retired Racehorse buyers for next year and be ready to start training in the fall while others are fighting for every sound Thoroughbred out there. Beat the crowd. Now is the time to buy! 

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Please call for pricing. The price can go up or down depending on the owner. We always check with the owner when someone is a serious buyer. Many times the price goes down to a really good home. We do not own these horses so we cannot control the pricing. We will not sell a horse to just anyone with the money. We carefully select the horses we sell and we work hard to make a perfect match. If you don't call, we cannot help you. We are not a rescue and our horses are not 'rescue priced'. Most horses are between $2500 and $4500 - some higher and some lower. Call and we can talk more our horses and let us help you find the perfect match. We take the gamble out of getting a Thoroughbred off-the-track. Learn more about how our Track Prospect Horses are priced on the main Bits & Bytes Farm website.

We look forward to speaking with you. Please call 770-704-6595 between 9am and 9pm. East Coast Time
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