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Mr. Brutus – SOLD!

UPDATE February 25, 2010: Mr. Brutus has been SOLD! Congratulations to Sarah Regan of Meridian, Mississippi on the purchase of “Brutus”!

“Brutus” is a 2006, 15.1 and a half inch tall, chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale directly from the race track. He is a talented and sweet horse in a compact package who is just four (February 28th) and still growing. “Brutus” is a very good feeling and happy horse to ride. He loves to go to the race track and train. He will squeal and play but is not mean at all. Both his exercise riders love to ride him. He is very affectionate and sweet. He will totally relax if he has turn out. The horses at the track hardly get out of their stalls and when they do, they enjoy it. He is NOT a hot horse and might even be a good kids horse if the child is an experienced rider or Pony Clubber.

“Brutus” has a sweet tooth – he enjoys peppermints. He is good to brush and easy with the blacksmith. “Brutus” is very inquisitive and loves to listen to his radio beside his stall. He will actually dance to the beat. He floats across the ground when trotting or cantering. He is very showy and clean legged with no vices. Don’t pass on him because of his size, this horse presents himself bigger than what he is and he still has a few years of growing to do. “Brutus” would make a great 3 day event horse or dressage horse. He is an A.P. Indy grand son and a great grandson of Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew. Barry and Elizabeth met him at the track and fell in love with his personality. He is priced to go quickly. His trainer needs the stall NOW so we do not have long to place this horse. Please do not wait to call if you have been thinking about “Brutus”. His trainer needs the stall and “Brutus” will be gone. If you have not been thinking about “Brutus” – why not?  SOLD!