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“Marvin” – SOLD!

UPDATE: Me Tru aka “Marvin” has been SOLD! Congratulations to Kathryn Cole of Durham, NC. Read Me Tru’s Success Stories.

Me Tru – “Marvin” is a 2005, 17 hand (and still growing) dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. Here is what his exercise rider has to say about this special horse:

This horse is like no other race horse I have ever ridden in the past 22 years of galloping. He is a kind gentle giant on the ground and an absolutely fantastic ride when you are on his back. He is a huge willing mover with natural lead changes and very he is very light in the bridle. He won only one race. He really needs to find a new career before something happens to him on the track. His owner has already had one heart attack this year and wants to get out of the business. I have ridden a lot of nice horses in my career but he might be the nicest. He floats across the ground and will go anywhere you ask.

“Marvin” has no vices and he is clean legged. Marvin will not need a lot of transition time. He was broke and handled well as a baby and has been with a good trainer at the track. This could be the horse to take you to the top level in dressage for sure and he has the athleticism to do well in eventing. He is very, very laid back. I can walk him for over a half mile before asking him to jog and he quietly waits for my cue. He is very well mannered.

Big sound horses like “Marvin” are few and far between at the race track. We know this horse very well and want him to go to a great home where he can have a successful new career. Read Me Tru’s Success Stories.