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Red Poll aka Mr. Boston – SOLD!

Mr. Boston at the farm.

Mr. Boston at the farm – September 18, 2010.

Congratulations to the Crowder family of Keifer, OK on the purchase of Red Poll aka “Mr. Boston”.

Red Poll aka “Mr Boston” is a 2007, 16.1 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his breeder. Mr. Boston is super sweet and super easy to ride and handle. This horse has been very well handled and loves — I mean LOVES people,  so if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with a horse this is not the horse for you.

“Mr. Boston” is a big ham around the barn and will put his traffic cone in his feed tub or water bucket and also throw his Jolly Ball at you. He will turn his lip sideways till you show him some attention.

He has no vices and his legs are clean legs. He has run just two times and he was just not competitive. His breeder is the same breeder who we sold Coin Maker, Wayfinder, Reign Day,With Wings and several other horses for. These horses are well bred and well cared for. They have had great handling and training. This breeder will not let her horses run in lower end of racing. She is a retired veterinarian and a former world-class dressage rider.

Mr. Boston is fantastic with the vet and farrier. He will eat anything and I mean anything you do – he won’t even smell it. He loves to be brushed and bathed. He is very fun and athletic to ride. He has a huge trot and canter. He is “Mr. Personality” around the barn. He could make a great hunter/jumper or event horse. He is a blast to ride – very willing to please at whatever you ask him to do. You can’t help but love this horse but I stress, if you don’t have a lot of time, he will not do well just standing in a pasture – he needs human contact. He loves to be ridden and he loves to be around people. He will make a happy transition to show horse very easily. He has been very well handled. He is a well bred grandson of Halo and Mt. Livermore. This is a young prospect for someone looking to bring a horse along slowly. He has the build, talent and personality to make a great fun partner in the show ring or eventing. SOLD! Mr. Boston is going into training to become an event horse.

UPDATE November 2014: We got a great update from his owner. Red Poll is now a confident Premlin Event Horse

UPDATE September 18, 2010: “Mr. Boston” retired to his breeder’s farm in Lexington, KY where he has been putting on weight and height. He is still as sweet as ever and he is looking for a competition partner who will also be his special person. This horse has talent and personality. We have new video. Please call to have us send it to you. SOLD! Congratulations to Elizabeth Crowder of Keifer, OK on the purchase of Red Poll aka “Mr. Boston”.