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OTTBs: Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds We Have SOLD!

These are just some of the more recent Thoroughbred ex-race horses we have found new jobs for. Be sure to go to our OTTB Success Stories to read more about how they are doing in their new careers. We require all buyers to keep in touch with us to let us know how the horse is doing. We offer free advice and placement services to all our buyers and the horses we place. Sometimes a horse comes to Bits & Bytes Farm to get it's initial training. We are always happy to start any horse we have for sale. Safe, sane and sound Thoroughbreds are what we sell. You can see more videos on our YouTube channel.

Safe Passage - SOLD! Bits & Bytes Farm

Safe Passage aka ‘Paddy’ is a 2013, 16.1 hh gelding. He last raced on December 20, 2018. He has been enjoying some barefoot time being turned out and getting to be a horse. These pictures do not do him justice. He is a big boned good looking guy who moves so free from his shoulder and hip. He naturally oversteps at the walk. Again, he is barefoot and we had him trot up and down about 15 times on the asphalt and not once did he hesitate or take a bad step. He should make a fabulous dressage horse or maybe even an eventer.

‘Paddy’ carries himself like a much larger horse than he is. He does have some racehorse ankles of which the owner has x-rays. They will be included for release to anyone interested in him and can be compared to x-rays you will have done in a prepurchase exam. He retired sound. We feel that he is not for a novice first-time horse owner because he has real talent and should go to someone who can retrain him to his full potential. He has way too much potential to just sit around.

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UPDATE August 2019: Safe Passage has been sold! Congratulations to Anne Michele Jamros.
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