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OTTBs: Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds We Have SOLD!

These are just some of the more recent Thoroughbred ex-race horses we have found new jobs for. Be sure to go to our OTTB Success Stories to read more about how they are doing in their new careers. We require all buyers to keep in touch with us to let us know how the horse is doing. We offer free advice and placement services to all our buyers and the horses we place. Sometimes a horse comes to Bits & Bytes Farm to get it's initial training. We are always happy to start any horse we have for sale. Safe, sane and sound Thoroughbreds are what we sell. You can see more videos on our YouTube channel.

Near Wigan - SOLD!

Near Wigan is a 2014, 15.2 hand, cute-as-a-button, dark bay gelding with two white stockings and a blaze. He is unraced. His breeder debated whether to race him as he is on the smaller side. He is just four and he will continue to grow. Even though Near Wigan has a fantastic pedigree he showed no fire to be a racehorse when they started his race training him this spring. Wigan wants to be a pet or a show horse. He has never had an injury and he has always been handled with love and care. This makes a huge difference in a Thoroughbred. The more they have been shuffled from owner to owner, the less trusting and loving they are. The more love you give a Thoroughbred, the more love you get in return and boy does Wigan love people. As I was taking his photo, after he was turned out, he looked over his shoulder at me. Then he walked up to the fence and put his face into the camera to give me a hug.

Wigan is built like a tank at four-years-old so by five and a half when most geldings fill out, Wigan should look even more like a warmblood than he does now. He would make a great horse for someone who has the experience and time to bring along a young horse. He has no limitations and he has had no bad experiences.

Near Wigan is the kind of horse we love to offer for sale. We have sold many other horses for this breeder. She always has nice horses which have been well cared for. We are always happy to match her horses with our buyers because we know they can go on to successful second careers. When she is ready to retire her Thoroughbreds, we are the ones she calls. Wigan’s breeder/owner wants really good homes for her horses and she wants to stay in touch with the buyer. She only breeds a few horses a year and they are all special to her. SOLD!
Please call for pricing if you see a horse you like. We will not sell a horse to just anyone with the money and we don’t send prices by PM or email. We carefully select the horses we sell and we work hard to make a perfect match. If you don’t call, we cannot help you. We are not a rescue and our horses are not ‘rescue priced’. Most horses are between $2500 and $4500 – some higher and some lower. Call and we can talk more about our horses and let us help you find the perfect match. We take the gamble out of getting a Thoroughbred off-the-track. Learn more about how our Track Prospect Horses are priced on the main Bits & Bytes Farm website.

I look forward to speaking with you. Please call 770-704-704-6595 between 9am and 9pm. East Coast Time

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