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Sir Leonidas – “Leon” – SOLD!

UPDATE MARCH 2012: Sir Leonidas aka “Leon” has been SOLD! Congratulations to Jill Schnedler of Hampden, ME. She is the owner of the barn where Muchu and Great Game board. Jill decided that she just had to get herself a Bits & Bytes Farm horse after watching Chuck Dixon and his son Patrick having great fun training their Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbreds.
“Leon” is a very fun loving 16 hand, 2002, bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale. He has tons of personality. “Leon” is kind and well behaved on the ground and great to ride. He always has a spring in his step and is very willing to go anywhere you want him to go. He is very easy to ride and does not take a hold on or off-the-track. He has been retired from racing for over a year. He was retired sound. Leon will be a jack-of-all trades; you could do a hunt show one week, throw a western saddle on him for a trail ride the next week, then go in the dressage ring the following week. He can and will do anything you ask of him. This is a special guy who would fit well into anyone’s program. “Leon” is very sensible and loves to be pampered. He has a stocky-build when worked. He is a farm-favorite but his owner feels he would be happier with a purpose. “Leon” would make a great family horse and he is priced accordingly. SOLD!