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Absolute Charm

Absolute Charm is the sister of With Wings and Reign Day. She has just finished racing.

With Wings - June 4, 2012

With Wings flies over the jumps! June 2012

Reign Day son of Sixth and Walnut

Reign Day son of Sixth and Walnut when he was in training at Bits & Bytes Farm in 2010.

People ask how how we find such nice horses. We have a group of owners, trainers and breeders that we like to place horses for because they do a great job of breeding, raising and training their horses. They care about what happens to their horses. Most of the Thoroughbreds we sell have raced or been on the track in training. Some of these horses we have followed through their racing careers and waited patiently for them to become available. One line of horses we are partial to are the babies of Sixth and Walnut. We trained and sold Reign Day and we have With Wings in training at Bits & Bytes Farm now. They are two of her sons. She has a daughter currently racing, Absolute Charm, and a new colt born this year. These babies are proof that the mare has a major influence on her foals. All of Sixth and Walnut’s foals have the same face and all are shades of bay with a small white star. We love their personalities and their athletic abilities.  With Wings  won the Michigan Futurity as a two year old and now he shows great promise as a sport horse. Call to schedule a test ride and see his trophy!

Absolute Charm - Thoroughbred Horse For Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

UPDATE March 13, 2012: Absolute Charm
has finished racing and is now at Bits & Bytes Farm. She will get a break to be a horse and then begin her sport horse training.