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Reign Day – February 20, 2010 – Reality Check

Reality Check time. If you have been following along with Reign Day’s training you might be thinking “Elizabeth can ride any Thoroughbred but what about someone else being able to ride this horse that is just two weeks off-the-track? Good thought. I want to be sure that Reign Day will adjust to any rider in his new career. Is he ready to be ridden by someone besides me?

Loui Padgett, owner of K O River Crossing offered to test ride Reign Day. She had her eyes on him since he appeared on our Prospect Horses For Sale page. She was a day too late to grab him for herself so she was eager to see what she missed out on.

Loui has been training “River” in dressage. She has soft hands and a quiet seat. I was able to coach Loui and watch Reign Day respond. He was great. He got better and better as she got to know him better. Loui had a lesson earlier in the day with Alice on her horse “River”.  She said that Reign Day was easier to ride and even quieter. “River” has been off-the-track almost two years and he is years older!

Loui was grinning from ear to ear when she finished riding Reign Day.

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