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Equine Products and Books to Help Horse Owners on a Budget

When you have a barnful of beautiful off-the-track Thoroughbreds to feed, money can be tight. We have put together a list of products that we have found useful and cost-effective. We will use this page to list the resources with links to where you can purchase them. These are affiliate links and they do add to the cost of the product. By purchasing from our page instead of at Amazon directly you will help us with our mission of promoting Thoroughbreds without costing you any more money. We only recommend products that we believe in and have found to meet our needs. We hope this is useful to you. We will also list books that we use for training our horses as well. Let us know how you like the products.

Health & Wellness Products

JackS Leg Soakers -  Save time cold hosing your horse's leg. See our video. on how we improved the usefulness of this cool product.

B Gone White Line Treatment revolutionizes how to effectively treat white line disease once and for all. B Gone is applied exactly where it’s needed to target the affected hoof wall area using a convenient 60cc syringe. Simple as that! Finally, a white line product that works!

Medihoney - Every barn should have a tube of this. The flies are not attracted to it. We have used it on very serious wounds and they healed without a scar.

This product also is available in pads.

Animalintex Pad 8"X16" - Buy the full-size pad and not the hoof shape. These pads can be cut to fit any foot or injury. Use for abscesses and wounds. A must-have product in our barn.


How Good Riders Get Good
by Denny Emerson

Cross-Country Riding
by Lucinda Green