Our Boy Darcy

Our Boy Darcy



Our Boy Darcy is Barry's boy

Our Boy Darcy



Joe Bear is a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Joe Bear



Knight Villain

Knight Villain



Captain Arias

Captain Arias - He was the horse that started our business.

our horses at Bits & Bytes Farm

our horses

Bits & Bytes Farm is proud to offer sane, sound and friendly Thoroughbreds for sale. These horses are suitable for a variety of disciplines including: dressage, eventing, fox hunting, jumping and pleasure.

Thoroughbred horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Our passion is preparing these ex-race horses for a new career. We will only sell a horse if it is a good match between horse and owner. We want to know what your goals are so that we can match you with the best horse for what you want to do. We welcome you to come by and see these horses with no obligation or pressure to purchase.

Chouette Player
Chouette Player strutting his stuff.

These horses have shown themselves to be kind, willing and eager to work. All have been schooled in dressage basics and jumping gymnastics. Our horses are used to noise, dogs, trail riding and trailering. None of these horses has shown any lameness issues during training and we welcome your veterinarian to do a pre-purchase exam.

Waterloo SlewWaterloo Slew aka "Jesse" now is galloping in Tennessee.

If you find a horse you are seriously interested in, please call for more information and pricing. We do not give out prices by e-mail. We are not concerned with whether you can afford the horse but rather if it is a good match. This can only be determined by a phone conversation. If after calling us, we determine one of our boys might be "the one" for you, we request that you make a personal visit. If you are coming from out of town, plan on visiting for the weekend. We find that through this process we can determine if the horse is truly a good match for both horse and rider. Please call ahead to schedule a convenient time to see the horses.


Want a bargain? Check out the prospects we have identified at the race tracks. Buy them direct and save. Check out our Prospect Horses page.

If you can give a home to a true rescue horse let us help you find one. Please call for details.


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