Sing D Song was a former Prospect Horse For Sale who is now an OTTB for resale.

Sing D Song was a former Prospect Horse For Sale. His sire is Unbridled's Song whose stud fee is now $200,000! Our horses have excellent pedigrees.


Bounced is at our farm as horse for sale.

Bounced was a former horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. He now lives in Oklahoma.


Our Boy Darcy

Our Boy Darcy

Joe Bear is a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Joe Bear


Knight Villain

Knight Villain


Grayboo was sold from our farm and is doing very well in eventing with his new mom Amanda Cunefare.

Grayboo was sold from our farm and is doing very well in eventing.

our horses - Bits & Bytes Farm

Our horses

Bits & Bytes Farm is proud to offer sane, sound and friendly Thoroughbreds for sale. These horses are former race horses that have been carefully chosen because of their suitability to be retrained for a variety of disciplines including: dressage, eventing, fox hunting, jumping and pleasure. These are not rescue horses. The horses we offer for sale still could be sold for racing but their owners feel that the horse deserves a better life and a new career.

Our Thoroughbreds are former race horses.

We have four categories of horses for sale on this Web site

  • Horses For Sale - These are horses that we especially chose and have brought to the farm to be trained. We know these horses intimately and invite you to come and ride them. They have shown themselves to be kind, willing and eager to work. All have been schooled in dressage basics and jumping gymnastics. Our horses are used to noise, dogs, trail riding and trailering. We take them on "away" trips to horse shows, clinic, fox hunts and trail rides. The listings are kept current on our Horses For Sale page. Price Range: $6,000 to $20,000 some priced less, most priced around $9,000. These horses are in training.

  • Prospect Horses - We have contacts at the higher end race tracks who find horses for us. They watch the horses while at the track. They know the owner/trainers and check the horses for sanity and soundness. We will not list any horse that we feel is dangerous or "hot". There are too many kind and quiet horses that are in need good homes and new careers. We choose only the "best of the best" for our Web site Prospect Horses For Sale pages. These are not rescue horses! These horses come from second tier race tracks and not the lowest end tracks where the rescue organizations work to hard to save horses. These horses could still be sold to race at lower end tracks, and often do, if we do not find them a home. If you are looking for a very inexpensive horse, please go to one of the rescue organizations listed on our LINKS page or check our Bargain Barn page. Price Range for Prospect Horses For Sale: $2,000 to $5,500 with average price being $3,500 to $4,500.

  • Bargain Barn - In our search for sound, sane horses, we often come across horses that are kind and beautiful but are not perfect enough for our Prospect Horses for Sale page or to bring to Bits & Bytes Farm. We have very high standards for the horses we list on our Web site. Many times we come across horses that have a soundness problem that can be solved with time. Sometimes, they may need a career without jumping and would make excellent dressage, pleasure or trail horse. If you can give a horse a good home with a less stressful career, you might be able to get a wonderful horse at a very low price on our Bargain Barn page. Price Range: FREE to $2,500. FREE only in special circumstances.

  • OTTBs Available For Resale - When you purchase a Thoroughbred through Bits & Bytes Farm we stand by to assist with training and feeding advice. Another promise we make to you, is to help you resell your horse should it ever become necessary. We do not want you to ever feel stuck with a horse or dump the horse at auction. We encourage all buyers to keep in touch and update their horses' Success Stories. If the horse later needs to be sold, a potential buyer will know the entire history of the horse! The pedigree and race records of ex-racers are public information. If the buyer has kept up the horse's Success Stories page, then a potential buyer knows what the horse has been doing since he left the track. This makes your Bits & Bytes Farm horse a safer risk for someone in the market for a new horse. We date all photos on our Web site and each update on the Success Stories pages has a date. Many people follow a horse after it is sold and may later be in a position to buy it should you offer your horse for sale on our Web site. There is no charge for this service. Horses are priced by their owners and will vary depending on circumstances.

If you find a horse you are seriously interested in on this Web site, please call for more information and pricing. We do not give out prices by e-mail. We are not concerned with whether you can afford the horse but rather if it is a good match. This can only be determined by a phone conversation. If after calling us, we determine one of our horses at the farm might be "the one" for you, we request that you make a personal visit. If you are coming from out of town, plan on visiting for the weekend. We find that through this process we can determine if the horse is truly a good match for both horse and rider. Please call ahead to schedule a convenient time to see the horses.

If you find a Prospect Horse For Sale that interests you, read our "How to Buy a Prospect Horse" page. These horses often sell fast so call ASAP if you find one you like.

For more information read these pages:

Buying a Horse from Bits & Bytes Farm
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spend some time reading the Success Stories of the horses we have sold. Buying a Thoroughbred is not for everyone. Buying one directly off-the-track is filled with risks and rewards. The Success Stories will give you an idea of what to expect. We have so many Success Stories that we have started a new site just for them:

Buying Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds is addictive and habit forming. One of our buyers has purchased SEVEN OTTBs and many have purchased two to four Thoroughbreds.


Got Um Smoke Um came back for a visit to Bits & Bytes Farm in December 2006.
Got Um Smoke Um
came back for a visit to Bits & Bytes Farm in December 2006.

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