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Sir Cahill  learning to jump
Sir Cahill learning to jump on Valentine's Day with some of our visitors.
Sir Cahill's first oxer
Sir Cahill


Sir Cahill

Foaled: March 15, 1998
16.2 hh
Sweet temperament


Sir Cahill is quiet and easy to ride.
Sir Cahill is "mom safe".


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Sir Cahill is a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm
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Sir Cahill has dressage potential

Retired race horses.

Sir Cahill

Sir Cahill is a very well built chestnut with a big blaze. He has a big chest and moves beautifully in the pasture.

We purchased Sir Cahill directly from his breeder/trainer off their farm. He has been let down from racing for over a year and he is fat and relaxed.

His breeder loves him very much and was reluctant to let him go because she wants him to go to a good home. She also will share his entire background with anyone who buys him and wants to keep in touch and see how he does in his new life.

My first ride on Sir Cahill was in our arena with lots of colorful jumps and a construction zone next door. (They are building a middle school 50 feet off our property line). He never spooked at any of the fences and he willingly walked over rails on the ground. The noise from the construction zone next door did not affect him either. He never tried to take off and he has a great mouth. He would make a great horse for a more timid rider.

Sir Cahill like Bailey is also a snuggler and gives good kisses. He will lick your face and arm to get peppermints! Sir Cahill is our "mom safe" horse.

Current Training

  • Currently going quietly under saddle in the arena and on trails- walk trot and canter.
  • He is quietly jumping cross rails.
  • He is not spooked by bulldozers or large grading equipment or jumps in the arena.
  • He is very quiet under saddle and has a lovely collected canter.
  • He is ridden in a snaffle bit.
  • Cahill is the horse for a timid rider.


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